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    Saint Clement's Basilica

    13 reviews

    The Basilica of San Clemente is one of Rome's more interesting and lesser known gems. It's an excavation all in itself. You enter at ground level and think, oh, whatever, baroque church, blah blah blah. But then, you get to descend to a very well preserved Medieval church on the level below. Two churches, built one on top of the ...

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  • 22

    Via del Corso

    18 reviews

    This is Rome's most central street and its main shopping street, connecting Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia. Side streets (such as Via Condotti) are filled with high end stores. Walking along Via del Corso is a worthwhile activity, even if you are not in a shopping mood. There are lots of interesting churches, art galleries and buildings of architectural ...

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  • 23


    85 reviews

    A great neighbourhood with lots of bars, restaurants and caf├ęs. perfect destination for college students because of its active nightlife.

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  • 24

    Villa Celimontana

    4 reviews

    This hidden gem of a park is on the Celian hill, next to the Colosseum (no, not the Palatine hill; the one across from it). With umbrella pines, fountains, 16th-century villa (during the Renaissance, the area was the property of the noble Mattei family), and ancient Egyptian obelisk, it's the perfect Roman escape from the busy nearby attractions. On the ...

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  • 25

    Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri

    5 reviews

    Step through the unassuming entrance to this amazing church located in a building that used to house Roman baths. You will be greeted by a grand dome topped with an incredible stained glass image of the solar system. Inside, you can admire the old meridian which, until the mid 1800s, was used to set the clocks in Rome.

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  • 26

    Largo di Torre Argentina

    3 reviews

    Cats decoratively stretched out on ruins. Heaven for a cat lover. Feral cats romp near an adjacent cat sanctuary that helps Rome's cats who need veterinary care or may be adoptable. Worth a donation- they are good folks.

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  • 27

    Tiber River

    20 reviews

    Quote possibile one of the most romantic rivers I've ever seen. A track runs the length of the river, curving underneath Rome's numerous bridges. In the summer, stores and restaurants set up shop alongside the Tevere, creating a movie-like experience as couples dine and families play by the waterside. The way it shines, the way it lights up; there's really ...

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  • 28

    Palatine Hill

    42 reviews

    Peaceful green hills and ruins about as untouched as you'll get in the Caput Mundi. The Palatino is wonderful for strolling, contemplating the origins of Roman culture, and taking in the views from this particular hill out of Rome's famous seven.

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  • 29


    15 reviews

    The top of Gianicolo is a romantic place, a park rising high above Trastevere that offers a panoramic view of Rome. Couples kiss along a railing already marked by numerous love dedications while kids run about the numerous statues around the area. A convenient bus runs up and down the Passeggiata del Gianicolo, making it easy to scale Rome's second-tallest ...

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  • 30

    Torre Argentina Ruins and Cat Sanctuary

    12 reviews

    I know Torre and Largo Argentina more for a bus stop than anything else. After fruitlessly seeking an actual torre, I was informed by a Roman that it is long gone. Oh well. At least the Cat Sanctuary is there, a cat-tivating (sorry) attraction to enjoy the gelato you got from nearby Gelateria Corona or a slice from Pizzeria Florida.

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  • 31

    Arch of Constantine

    84 reviews

    This is just too cool to miss. More imposing in person than expected. But hard to do justice in a photo. Lots of tourists almost all times of year, but still do it.

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  • 32

    Piazza della Repubblica

    41 reviews

    Definitely go at night when it is just eerily beautiful to behold. Roman grandeur writ very large. And it's a lot of fun too, especially navigating the crowds and climbing the steps.

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  • 33

    Appian Way

    22 reviews

    The Appian Wayis lined with monuments and tombs of ancient Roman patrician families and more importantly this is the road which leads to the famous roman catacombs.

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  • 34

    San Pietro in Vincoli

    25 reviews

    St. Peter in Chains Church (graphic, I know) houses Michelangelo's spectacular giant sculpture of Moses, which was meant to be part of Pope Julius' tomb.

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  • 35

    Via dei Condotti

    27 reviews

    Even if you don't buy its great to walk along this fashionable streets where you find famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Ferragamo. Watch out though for the real shop of Gucci because the first shop of the left right after the Spanish Steps is spelled CUCCI which some first timers mistake for the real one.

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  • 36

    Capitoline Museums

    16 reviews

    This museum was founded in 1471 after Pope Sictus IV donated some bronze statues. It is an art and archeological museum, containing pieces connected with Rome history. One of the pieces that mostly impressed me is the bronze statue of the wolf with Romolo and Remo.

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  • 37

    Pope Benedict XVI

    12 reviews

    Taken Sunday June the 26th, 2011. I love this picture (and the accompanying video) because it annoys my sister to no end - she's been to Rome five times and never got a peep at the Holy Father, my first time and bingo, there he is! (well, technically the second time in Rome, first time was a quick flight in, ...

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  • 38

    Quattro Fontane

    7 reviews

    My first sight of this corner was from the back of a motorino, and it crystallized the particular beauty of Rome for me. On this traffic choked four way intersection, air heavy with smog, these four incredibly elegant statues stand watch, reminding us of the layers upon layers of time the city has seen.

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  • 39

    Auditorium Parco della Musica

    3 reviews

    Auditorium Parco della Musica is a large multi-functional public music complex. Parco della Musica was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. Three large concert halls are structurally separated to ensure soundproofing, though joined at the base by a continuous lobby. A fourth "concert hall", called Cavea, is the open air theater recalling ancient Greek and Roman theaters. The fan-shaped layout ...

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  • 40

    Sant'Andrea della Valle

    2 reviews

    Another day, another mind-blowingly majestic piece of architecture. That's how Rome rolls. Sant'Andrea della Valle sits squarely on the busy Corso Vittorio, facing down the traffic with its baroque facade. If you're feeling operatic, imagine yourself in the first act of Puccini's Tosca, which is set here.

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