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  • 21

    Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

    44 reviews

    Best scene at night, this is an extravagant monument to the Risorgimento. Many Italians find it tacky, but there is something stunning to behold about a bit of triumphal architecture meant to rival the ancients.

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  • 22

    Palatine Hill

    42 reviews

    How big is the historic center of Rome! You can not come to Rome and not visit the Paladin! need a one month holiday if you want to see at least half of the nice things about Rome!

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  • 23

    Borghese Gallery

    37 reviews

    My favorite museum in Rome. You have to book ahead usually, but it's well worth it. Situated in the Villa Borghese in the north of Rome, the Galleria Borghese has some amazing sculptures-the most stunning of which is Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, showing the moment where he is chasing her and she is turning into a tree to escape. The ...

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  • 24

    Piazza della Repubblica

    41 reviews

    this is quite an impressive structure, here to comemmorate past soldiers, a must see, just down the road from trevvi fountain

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  • 25

    Piazza del Campidoglio

    31 reviews

    While being the lowest and smallest of the seven hills of Rome (The Aventino, Capitoline, Caeline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinale, Viminale), the Capitoline is perhaps the most closely bound to the city’s history, as it has been the hub of Rome’s political and religious life since ancient times. Today the Michaelangelo piazza, reached by climbing a splendid flight of steps, is ...

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  • 26

    Circus Maximus

    43 reviews

    While touring Ancient Rome, visit Circus Maximus and imagine yourself in a chariot race, marching in a procession or cheering at gladiator events. The first and largest stadium in Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, this is now a public park, sometimes hosting concerts and meetings. Hardly worth a visit by itself, Circus Maximus is included in tours of Imperial ...

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  • 27

    Via dei Fori Imperiali

    23 reviews

    If you come to Rome you must visit the Roman Forum!

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  • 28

    Via dei Condotti

    27 reviews

    Rome's Madison Avenue, Via dei Condotti unfolds from the Spanish Steps in a long straight ribbon lined with Bulgari, Prada and many other shiny, expensive designer stores. Check out the Antico Caffe Greco near the top of the street. It's one of Rome's oldest coffee shops, and was frequented by Keats and Shelley in their expat days.

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  • 29

    San Pietro in Vincoli

    25 reviews

    The church itself was OK, but I fell in love with Michelangelo's Moses sculpture. Worth a visit just for the Moses.

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  • 30

    Fountain of the Four Rivers

    25 reviews

    A beautiful and huge fountain in the middle of the city. the statues of the fountain symbolize four of the biggest rivers of the known continents at the time, the fountain was built, the Danube, the Nile, the Ganges and the Rio de la Plata.

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  • 31

    Villa d'Este

    25 reviews

    Villa d'Este is UNESCO world heritage site located around 01 hour drive by train in Tivoli,near Rome.

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  • 32

    San Giovanni in Laterano

    23 reviews

    Although the Pope is, of course, most associated with St. Peter's, Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano (Basilica of St. John Lateran) is the official cathedral of the Pope, in his role as Bishop of Rome. This Baroque basilica incredible and is definitely worth a visit, perhaps not on your first trip to Rome, but on another visit. It is ...

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  • 33

    Moro Fountain

    24 reviews

    incredible! :) x

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  • 34

    Basilica di San Paolo Fuori le Mura

    20 reviews

    Spectacular basilica, with never any crowds, beautiful!

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  • 35

    Trajan's Column

    23 reviews

    Trajan's Column is not just a monument towering over the streets around the Piazza Venezia, it's also a historic source. Trajan's exploits--his victories in the Dacian Wars and his conquests in Mesopotamia--are told in the reliefs along the column. Much of what is known about the Emperor Trajan comes from this work of art and architecture. Trajan's Column also represents ...

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  • 36

    Appian Way

    22 reviews

    I know it may see like just an old road but take into account that it was built over 2000 years ago, by a civilization without modern conveniences. Just standing on the Appian Way makes you wonder who walked along the same path.

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  • 37

    Tiber River

    20 reviews

    The Tiber is emblematic of Rome and is best scene from the many bridges across it. Can be forbidding when the water is high and fast, but mostly seems languorous. You just expect to see dead bodies floating in it. ;)

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  • 38

    Jewish Ghetto

    17 reviews

    We loved strolling through the Jewish Ghetto while in Rome. Yes, that's what it's officially called, and it's a term embraced by the residents. Ironically, it's becoming a more upscale part of Rome. Some great Kosher Roman restaurants here, some bistros, and the museum in the Temple here is worth a visit.

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  • 39

    Santa Maria della Vittoria

    18 reviews

    Rome is filled with precious pieces of art history that a traveler in a hurry could overlook, and this church is one. Secreted inside is Bernini's masterwork Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, a prime example of sensual Baroque sculpture.

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  • 40

    Via del Corso

    18 reviews

    The Old Roman Via Lata, more than 2000 years.

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