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    5 Jul 05, 2012

    No visit to Haleiwa would be complete without a visit to the Ron Artis Family.

    Ron Artis was a very talented, renaissance man. He left Los Angeles and raised a family here in sleepy, hippy, world famous surfer town Haleiwa about 20 years ago. He and his wife Victoria now have 11 children, ranging in age from toddler to 27 years.

    Ron was multi-talented, being a great musician who could play any genre, and mostly improvisational and by ear. He was a great painter who paints murals all over Hawaii (even inside a submarine). He painted cracked surfboards that world famous surfers from around the world give him after doing the pipeline at nearby Waimea beach. He rehabilitated them into art that he displayed (and sells) in his "resurrection city" compound.

    At the compound, a performing stage is set up where guests can listen to his wife and 9 of his kids perform whatever genre of music you choose. They can do about 20 different ones, from funk, jazz, rock, fusion, ska, acoustic, reggae, classical, blues, rap, zydeco, you name it. They are all equally as talented. The wife will eventually join in and has a beautiful voice when she sings. 3 years ago Ron asked me what I wanted to hear, I said Jazz Fusion, and he asked me East coast or West coast? And on cue, everyone was jamming beautifully like it was Monterey, Newport, or Montreau's jazz festival.

    The kids were all home schooled and taught all the instruments by Ron and their siblings. It is a very tight knit family. The stage has at least 5 pianos, including baby grands, electric, synthesizers, and guitars, drums and congas, and a row of CDs for sale in the counter in front of you as you listen. The smaller kids play percussion instruments, and everybody has changes of costume items like hats, shades, boas, etc.

    Stefani, the oldest, plays keyboards, so does her younger sister PraiseJesus; Ron, the oldest male at 23, is fantastic on electric guitar and vocals (most sing actually). The next oldest boys Artis and Stevon play a mean drum and electric base, and Thunderstorm plays congas and harmonica and raps.

    Martis, all of about 10 is the marketing/salesman. As the group plays, he pulls out the appropriate genre's CD for you to perhaps buy for $20.

    Everyone is humble, full of talent and humility, god-fearing, and Ron Artis is definitely in charge, being an intense person full of passion, challenging guests to keep it real too. He can see through the bull anyone puts on.

    Interestingly enough, his wife Victoria is an Army brat like me, and spent time growing up on the Monterey Peninsula like I did. She is so sweet, they all are. Her voice is sweet, too!

    They have performances through out the day between 11 - 5, and the third Saturday of the month, I believe, they put on a night show for visitors. They will all talk to you after they perform, politely and intelligently.

    The family has multiple videos on their website and youtube, and they have made short films and other creative projects.

    If you want to see the most talented family you have ever seen, beyond the Von Trapp, Jacksons, Osmonds, or Jonas family, up close and personal, and talk to them afterward like friends or cousins, come here to Haleiwa and see them for yourself, for just a $20 CD, which I promise you you will want to buy several.

    Ron Artis sadly passed away from a heart attack just a little over 6 months after I met him and his great family. Rest In Peace, Ron. You have touched the lives of many, and will continue to do so through your wife and children.

    Recommended for:Family Travelers
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