Rough Luxe Hotel

1 Birkenhead Street, London WC1H 8BA, England
4 reviews

Retro derelict-chic kind of place. VERY small, only 6 rooms total. I wanted to like it more, because its a cool concept, but it was just a bit too small. You had to be strategic with where you put your stuff; there just wasn't enough room for ANY suitcase at all. Communal breakfast was nice, and service super friendly. If ...

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  • 41
    0.82 mi

    Holborn Whippet

    0.82 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    2 reviews

    The Holborn Whippet is a good place to grab a pint and catch up with friends or colleagues after work. They've a good selection of beers, and I was surprised to find American Microbrews on tap.

  • 42
    0.8 mi

    The Coffeeworks Project

    0.8 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    2 reviews

    Lovely environment, but the coffee is only mediocre. Staff were unable to tell me anything about their filter coffee, other than what brand they were using. Generic coffee shop masquerading as a speciality shop

  • 43
    0.62 mi

    Bree Louise

    0.62 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    The Bree Louise is a great example of how you have to know London for London to be cool. Tucked behind Euston Station, if you didn't know it was there, you'd end up at a sucky chain pub on one of the main roads. If you know it's there, you can go and sample loads of unique ales and ciders, ...

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  • 44
    0.94 mi

    Fleet River Bakery

    0.94 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    Amazing breakfast in London. If you need a big big breakfast... This is the place...

  • 45
    0.95 mi

    Thai Metro

    0.95 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    This is an excellent casual thai restaurant on Charlotte Street in London. I stayed at the Charlotte Street hotel for business a few times, and went here for dinner at least twice per visit. The space inside is very small, so at peak times you may have to wait for a table, but the food is great. Is is gourmet ...

  • 46
    0.49 mi


    0.49 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review
  • 47
    0.91 mi

    Euphorium Bakery

    0.91 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    Best small bakery in London.. I smell the aroma wafting out of their ovens late at night when returning home from a night out, so I can't help but return the next morning for something. Wonderful breads, coffees and juices, fantastic sandwiches to take away and a wonderful asset to the people of Islington

  • 48
    0.74 mi

    Virgin Active Islington

    0.74 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    The best spa and pool area in town. Take Tony's boxing classes they are addictive!

  • 49
    0.92 mi

    Savoir Faire

    0.92 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    A very nice restaurant (more of a French Bistro, actually), with very reasonable prices (10-13 pounds for a 2-course dinner menu). The waitresses didn't speak much English but were extremely nice and helpful. It also had good options for vegetarians.

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  • 50
    0.96 mi


    0.96 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    1 review

    Fantastic Japanese food in Fitzrovia. Plates are small but delicious. Get the tempura, which is light and flavourful. Also - come early for dinner - if you order by 7, you get 30% off your food.

  • 51
    2.02 mi

    Duck & Waffle

    2.02 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    15 reviews

    High up in the Heron Tower in East London, this restaurant is famous for it's stunning views over the city of London. The view alone is worth the visit. The food isn't bad either, and not quite as pricey as you'd think. Open 24hrs, so you can go there for an uber-early breakfast and watch the sunrise.

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  • 52
    1.77 mi

    The Wolseley

    1.77 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    31 reviews

    In a very strange twist of fate, I ended up eating here twice in three days a few years back. And I'd no idea it was one of the top restaurants in London, but I see why. I'm a sucker for any restaurant my grandparents would have loved, and this place would have been their favorite in London, I'm sure ...

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  • 53
    3.47 mi

    Monmouth Coffee Company

    3.47 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    28 reviews

    One of the best places to get one's caffeine fix in London. Nothing exciting about the place itself really (although leagues more pleasant than any of the chain cafes) but the coffee is very very good.

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  • 54
    1.91 mi

    Pret A Manger

    1.91 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    34 reviews

    At first, you want to hate Pret A Manger just because of the sheer AMOUNT of them scattered on every corner of the city. But then one day you have only a little money on you and you are desperately hungry, and it happens to be closest thing. So you do it. Then there is no going back. Delicious, practical ...

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  • 55
    1.63 mi

    Oxo Tower Restaurant

    1.63 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    29 reviews

    The Oxox Tower Restaurant, Bar & Brasserie serves up quality food at a reasonable price and has had many reviews reccomending it as a place worth checking out.

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  • 56
    2.13 mi


    2.13 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    23 reviews

    Not my very favorite restaurant in the Nobu Matsuhisa empire, the London Nobu can be a bit of a scene, but this is still a good pick if you are in the market for serious sushi.

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  • 57
    2.17 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe

    2.17 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    24 reviews

    The first Hard Rock Cafe ever! Get there early (because it's crowded) and save some time to look at the store located 1 block further and buy some souvenirs:)!

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  • 58
    1.99 mi

    Pizza East

    1.99 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    16 reviews

    Now, I don't even really like pizza, but if I'm going to eat it, I'd better eat the best. I normally leave the crusts too, but they must sprinkle it with addictive salt content or something because I just want to eat the whole damn thing. They also do non-pizza sharing plates so it's one of those fun free-for all ...

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  • 59
    1.8 mi

    The Book Club

    1.8 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    17 reviews

    Great atmosphere, excellent mulled cider and table tennis, what's not to like? Email them to get on the guest list on Fridays and Saturdays

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  • 60
    2.6 mi

    Ottolenghi - Islington

    2.6 mi from Rough Luxe Hotel
    14 reviews

    After having dined here on a recent trip to London my wife and two children, I am giving this restaurant the highest rating possible. I loved everything about it: local and innovative ingredients; flavorful and healthy small dishes; fun new tastes that even through a Mediterranean lens come out fresh and novel. The atmosphere and service were great too. Interesting ...

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