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    Alpha Academy

    1 review

    When I walked into Alpha Academy during the summer before my junior year of high school, I never dreamed of all the life lessons I would learn from Mr. Kim. I expected a summer full of drudgery, but instead learned not only about how to ace the SAT's but also who I was. These lessons were not just full of ...

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    Thousand Miles Foot Massage

    1 review

    Since I wanted a more relaxing and low-key Valentine's day I decided to take the bf to get our first Asian massages. I was always hesitant about those $15/hr foot massage seen all over SGV because I figured you really get what you paid for. Well this was definitely not the case at Thousand Miles Foot Massage. I can honestly ...

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    Dining Bar

    1 review

    I actually like this place a lot. It's a Taiwanese lounge, so the waiters/waitresses will tend to speak to you in Chinese. They do have some food, but I didn't order any. We had some beer and sake. So come with a group of buddies and you'll have a good time. The best thing I like about it is that ...

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    1 review

    Come for the food but stay for the drinks because the thai ice tea is refillable! I suggest getting the green curry, the pineapple fried rice, or the pad see ew. I also like to make my pad see ew medium spicy to give it an extra kick

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    California Country Club

    1 review

    I really liked this place. It is private (gated) and is beautiful when you go inside. The building looks like a mansion and you enter and I met with the director, Will (the coordinator was not available) and he was great! He gave me the tour of the banquet room, bridal room and ceremony site. I've lived near this place ...

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    Galleria Market

    1 review

    Holy crap! Everything is so much cheaper at this wholesale store than the regular Galleria markets. Sure, the selections are not as great and you have to buy items in bulk but it's worth it. Their "wholesale" packaging are very reasonable. It's not a whole case load of stuff but instead of 1 packet of instant noodle, you have to ...

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    Cloud Boutique

    1 review

    This store opened fairly recently and I had the chance to stop by the other night. It's a cozy store with really cute, unique clothing that you'd see in Asia. There's a good mix of different styles so it's pretty easy to find something to like :) They also carry quirky hair accessories. I got a pair of barrettes that ...

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    AMC Puente Hills 20

    2 reviews

    I grew up with this theater. I remember when it first opened when I was in junior high or high school. This was the place to be. The seats have a neck rest and movable arm rests. Nice. LOCATION: Inside the mall and near Round 1 (so watch a movie and go play games before or after) or even shop! ...

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    2 reviews

    WOW... the manager was really nice, but her employees... yikes! I enter here and the manager was being so helpful in my search for cake pop items and was really sweet... but when she left, I was with her employees... Because I have not been to this store often, I asked an employee (a girl with dark hair) for help ...

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    1 review

    Decent launderland. It's a laundromat - I wasn't exactly expected fancy anything. but there was nothing but the washers and driers. moving on.... I headed out to use the larger commercial washers for some large bedding. Wash in larger machine 2.25. okay. not crazy expensive. I can live with that. they also had 2 larger driers which were great for ...

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    UPS Store

    1 review

    Some great service was had at this UPS store. I had to go buy boxes for some Christmas gifts that needed to be shipped, and the guy was super friendly. I was stuck between sizes of boxes, and he was patient and helped me out tremendously. Then I had to head back to actually drop them off the next day ...

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    Stater Bros Markets

    1 review

    Thank Heavens I can occasionally hit this Stater Brothers up on my way home as its in Rowland Hts. Otherwise so far as I know Staters doesnt have any SGV locations. This seriously sucks, since the entire chain has some completely kick azz butchers and great sales prices here and there. This is an average Stater Brothers though, except for ...

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    24 Hour Fitness

    1 review

    Seriously the ventilation here SUCKS. The machines are old, it's always crowded, and I always feel so uncomfortable in the ladies locker rooms because there are naked middle-aged Asian ladies naked in every corner!!! Always gotta avert my eyes when I walk through the changing areas. Also, I was looking for some paper towels today and 2 of the dispensers ...

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    Foot Spa Massage

    1 review

    The only good thing about this place is how late it's open. Other than that, my last masseuse shaved off a good ten minutes from the beginning of my massage by starting late and barely massaged my neck and shoulders. Then he proceeded to spend most of the time just rubbing my feet but with the same annoying monotonous motion ...

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    Pomona Fwy

    1 review

    Wow so you want to drive down the sic'ty do ya? haha NO, but you can parking lot it!. Unless you are headed Eastbound in the AM and Westbound in the PM this place is one of So Calis best parking lots. The conditions on the road are honestly not that good. There are a number of potholes (albeit some ...

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    Karaoke Music Box

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    24 Hour Fitness

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