Saba Marine Park

3 reviews

The Saba Marine park offers some of the very best diving in the Carribean and it makes Saba an essential stop for scuba lovers.

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12 Results
  • 1
    0.41 mi

    Rainforest Restaurant

    0.41 mi from Saba Marine Park
    2 reviews

    Homemade banana rum at an eco-lodge's open-air restaurant on the undiscovered Caribbean island of Saba is one of those experiences that make you appreciate how lucky you are to be alive. You'll wonder how such delectable food makes its way to an island this small. They do Indonesian food on Tuesday nights, but it's their classic Caribbean fare -- red ...

  • 2
    32.03 mi

    nikki beach

    32.03 mi from Saba Marine Park
    10 reviews

    A slightly silly scene, but a very pretty beach.

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  • 3
    31.87 mi

    La Plage - Tom Beach

    31.87 mi from Saba Marine Park
    6 reviews

    french restaurant on the beach of St jean

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  • 4
    30.94 mi

    Do Brazil

    30.94 mi from Saba Marine Park
    3 reviews

    delicious restaurant on shell beach

  • 5
    30.9 mi

    La Route des Boucaniers

    30.9 mi from Saba Marine Park
    2 reviews

    A well-located lounge spot that gets a bit crazy at night. This is a great choice for an in-town snack, if you need to get out of the sun for a moment during the day and are in the mood to explore Gustavia.

  • 6
    31.69 mi

    Hôtel Saint-Barth Isle De France

    31.69 mi from Saba Marine Park
    2 reviews
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  • 7
    34.05 mi

    La gloriette restaurant

    34.05 mi from Saba Marine Park
    1 review
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  • 8
    32.02 mi

    kiki e mo

    32.02 mi from Saba Marine Park
    1 review

    Amazing take-out, made on the premises, makes Kiki e Mo a great resource for those staying in a villa, or for those in the mood for an Italian picnic. The ice cream and smoothies are also great and Kiki and Mo stocks a good selection of Italian groceries-(pasta, olive oil etc).

  • 9
    32.02 mi

    on the rocks restaurant

    32.02 mi from Saba Marine Park
    1 review

    This restaurant has the most incredible view of st jean bay and the ocean and I just loved our dinner here. The drinks are huge, the fresh fish is from less than a mile away and I quite liked the surprising pop-rocks in our chocolate soufflé.

  • 10
    32.33 mi

    grain de sel

    32.33 mi from Saba Marine Park
    1 review
  • 11
    31.09 mi


    31.09 mi from Saba Marine Park
    1 review

    No matter what the food tastes like, the views from this restaurant make it hard to beat. I have heard great things about Bonito and our St. barths villa realtor holds weekly cocktail parties here, which are quite fun, but the last time I ate dinner at this restaurant was when it was still Mandala. I loved the Carribean-influenced food ...

  • 12
    33.98 mi

    Le gaiac

    33.98 mi from Saba Marine Park
    1 review

    Serious, seriously good French cuisine is served at this very pretty and romantic restaurant, st le Toiny. Prices are high, but the gorgeous and tranquil setting and delicious food almost warrant the cost of a meal here. If you are in the mood to splurge and you are looking for a refined and leisurely dinner out, this is a great ...

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