Said dal 1923

Via Tiburtina, 135, 00185 Rome, Italy

Things to do near Said dal 1923

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  • 21
    1.98 mi


    Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.98 mi from Said dal 1923
    234 reviews

    One of the wonders of the world. If you're not impressed by this, you're dead inside. Just be careful with the crowds in the high season. Best visited in the autumn.

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  • 22
    2.17 mi

    Piazza Navona

    Piazza Navona, 00186 Rome, Italy
    2.17 mi from Said dal 1923
    188 reviews

    Piazza is one of the main historic plazas in Rome featuring fountains and monuments. The open square means it can get pretty lively and crowded, especially at night. The scene is atmospheric with diners eating outside of cafes and restaurants and shops selling an assortment of goods.

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  • 23
    1.54 mi

    Roman Forum

    Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.54 mi from Said dal 1923
    175 reviews

    Most interesting because of its juxtaposition against the back drop of other historical monuments. A nice place to wonder and think about the glory of Ancient Rome and the long history of this amazing city The Roma Pass is highly recommended as a way to skip the long line.

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  • 24
    3.2 mi

    St Peter's Basilica

    Piazza San Pietro, 00165 Rome, Italy
    3.2 mi from Said dal 1923
    159 reviews

    The biggest cupola in Rome is jaw-dropping, view from the inside or from the top, both views are spectacular. Some areas of the basilica are restricted for practice and not allowed for tourists, unless you are really wanting to pray in the small church on the right or have a confession. The best part is me confessing in the many-languages ...

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  • 25
    1.23 mi

    Spanish Steps

    Rome, Italy
    1.23 mi from Said dal 1923
    163 reviews

    I was never all that impressed by the Spanish Steps as a monument in and of themselves. I did hang out with some friends here in 2005 after a long pub crawl on the Fourth of July.

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  • 26
    3.15 mi

    Sistine Chapel

    Viale Vaticano, Rome 00165 Italy
    3.15 mi from Said dal 1923
    111 reviews

    The Sistine Chapel's ceiling was completed by Michelangelo over the course of 4 years, in 1512. This is the chapel that is used for the Papal conclaves. It's a holy place where photos are not allowed. They are serious about this. I caught someone snapping off a pic and tapped him on the shoulder because, well if I can't take ...

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  • 27
    3.17 mi

    Vatican Museums

    Citta del Vaticano, Terrasini 00193 Italy
    3.17 mi from Said dal 1923
    117 reviews

    The painting of Raphael, School of Athens, was absolutely breath taking. I would love to go back there again.

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  • 28
    3.0 mi

    Saint Peter's Square

    Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Vatican City, Holy See
    3.0 mi from Said dal 1923
    123 reviews

    Saint Peter's Square is the Pope's outdoor audience chamber. The round plaza, surrounded by arcades, is generally full at all times with the faithful and the curious. When the pope is giving an audience or a new pope is about to be declared, it's packed. A fun fact is that the square itself is in Italy and the boundary of ...

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  • 29
    1.6 mi

    Piazza di Spagna

    Piazza di Spagna, Rome 00187 Italy
    1.6 mi from Said dal 1923
    110 reviews

    Hip plaza near the Spanish steps. Always something going on. You can buy cheap souvenirs or hire an expensive horse and carriage, so there is more than a faint whiff of the commercial. But that shouldn't be enough to spoil it.

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  • 30
    2.36 mi


    Viale di Trastevere, Rome 00153 Italy
    2.36 mi from Said dal 1923
    85 reviews

    So we asked where is the hip district? you know, where all the pubs, restaurants, and nightlife stills up til dawn, and they guided us to this street. What was the result? another dead street.

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  • 31
    2.52 mi

    Castel Sant'Angelo

    Lungotevere Castello 50, 00186 Rome, Italy
    2.52 mi from Said dal 1923
    84 reviews

    Castel Sant'Angelo is located right next to the Vatican City. It's a castle and fortress, so when you walk around the dimly lit place, you get the sense what it was like to live in ancient era Rome.

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  • 32
    1.73 mi

    Piazza Venezia

    Piazza Venezia, Rome 00187 Italy
    1.73 mi from Said dal 1923
    85 reviews

    Busy road junction in the centre of the old city that contains the Vittorio Emanuelle Monument as well as the Palazzio Venezia from whose balcony Mussolini used to make his speeches.

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  • 33
    2.15 mi

    Piazza del Popolo

    Piazza del Popolo, Rome 00186 Italy
    2.15 mi from Said dal 1923
    82 reviews

    PIazza del Popolo is one of the most famous square of Rome, below "Pincio", close to Via del Corso, Via del Babbuino, Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps).

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  • 34
    1.42 mi

    Arch of Constantine

    Via di San Gregorio, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.42 mi from Said dal 1923
    82 reviews

    Sits right beside the Colosseum, and it was built by Constantine using parts of other roman buildings.

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  • 35
    1.87 mi

    Villa Borghese

    Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197 Rome, Italy
    1.87 mi from Said dal 1923
    69 reviews

    So many people pass up Villa Borghese when visiting Rome. To me it was my escape in the city. The park really is massive - you could wander around all day. The trees envelop you and the little fountains, benches, and museums throughout are not to be missed. Such a great way to escape the crowds and appreciate the beauty ...

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  • 36
    2.24 mi

    Campo de' Fiori

    Piazza Campo de' Fiori, Rome 00186, Italy
    2.24 mi from Said dal 1923
    61 reviews

    Campo de' Fiori is overrun with young expats at night, but come early in the morning for the market, and be sure to grab a slice of pizza bianca at Forno al Campo de' Fiori, at the top corner of the piazza.

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  • 37
    1.7 mi

    Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

    Piazza Venezia 3, Rome 00187 Italy
    1.7 mi from Said dal 1923
    43 reviews

    The Vittorio Emanuele Monument is a pretty ugly building and is totally out of place next to the Roman Forum and other historical sites. Romans hate it. It is commonly known as the Wedding Cake. But there is a very good reason to visit it. Take a glass elevator to the top terrace and you will get the best 360 ...

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  • 38
    2.52 mi

    Ponte Sant'Angelo

    Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome 00193, Italy
    2.52 mi from Said dal 1923
    49 reviews

    This pedestrian bridge over the Tiber has a fine view of the neighboring Vatican as well as much of the rest of the city. Unlike London and Paris, which navigable rivers, very little actually goes down the Tiber but the bridge is nice.

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  • 39
    1.64 mi

    Palatine Hill

    Piazza Santa Maria Nova 53, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.64 mi from Said dal 1923
    39 reviews

    One of my favorite places in Rome. Lush greenery, great views, lots of ruins...perfect place to rest.

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  • 40
    1.61 mi

    Borghese Gallery

    Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197 Rome, Italy
    1.61 mi from Said dal 1923
    35 reviews

    I love that the Galleria Borghese limits entry to specific times, making it necessary to place a reservation several days in advance, with a maximum visit of two hours. This means the crowds are minimal, unlike the herd of people through the Musei Vaticani. You are able to breathe as you read about the great art in this impressive palazzo. ...

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