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  • San Felice Circeo
    Flavia S. M. Baker
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    5 Jul 04, 2012

    Two hours drive from Rome, near the city of Latina, San Felice Circeo is probably the best beach and sea side you can find near the capital. The original town is very small and its historic center was built around the tower of the Knights Templar. The seaside is wonderful! The water is clear and clean, the beach is of light colored beige. Along the path to the old center, the road takes you up to a wonderful view of the bay and the rocky sides of the mountain from which the sea turns into a clear turquoise surface. A few days at the beach, a weekend out or a long vacation, any good excuse is good to escape from Rome to get to ‘Circeo’!

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  • San Felice Circeo
    Daniela Tagliacozzo
    1 Jun 30, 2012
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