San Francisco

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Foodies with insomnia can always eat well in San Francisco, which won the survey for both fine dining and wine bars. Up until 2 a.m., one of the hot places to linger these days is the recently revamped Tosca Café in North Beach, the iconic bar that now also serves food—such as crispy pig tails, lamb ribs, and classic cannoli. ...

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Cities near San Francisco for Spiritual Seekers

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    California, USA
    35 reviews

    The most liberal city on the west coast and home UC Berkeley. Great place to visit and get some of the diverse food offerings in town.... just wouldn't move here.

  • 2

    Stinson Beach

    California, USA
    37 reviews

    A little gem of a town, yet not far from San Francisco.

  • 3


    California, USA
    25 reviews

    Nice surf spot near SF. Great for beginners. The waves are very rideable and the access to the beach is really easy with parking lot and lots of nice places to eat nearby.

  • 4


    California, USA
    13 reviews

    A great town with excellent shopping perks! There is a nice outdoor mall-eqsue area downtown with a Sephora and other large retailers. Full of quaint coffee shops, plenty outdoor seats, and a overall a great place to enjoy some window shopping and being outside.

  • 5

    San Mateo

    California, USA
    13 reviews

    Quiet neighborhoods with lovely homes, great for newlyweds and raising children. A nice downtown area with coffee shops and good take-out food options!

  • 6


    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Don't believe everything you've heard about Oakland, full of great people, neighborhoods, a lot of culture and booming small businesses. Public transportation is easily accessible and just a train ride away from the city.

  • 7


    California, USA
    12 reviews

    I really like Alameda, but there's still so much to explore. Cross into Oakland (briefly) and they go over this cute green bridge into Alameda. Cute, Victorian styled homes, lovely small businesses and a lot of liveliness to the neighborhoods. There is a neat Marina area with a park and area to enjoy a walk along the waterfront. A great ...

  • 8

    San Rafael

    California, USA
    9 reviews

    San Rafael is the pretty central business district of Marin, and a lot more too. It has great restaurants, shops, and theaters. It boasts Terrapin Crossroads is a music venue owned by Phil Lesh, and The Marin Civic hosts a variety of performances. Whatever you need you can most likely accomplish it in San Rafael. It is surrounded by beauty, ...

  • 9


    California, USA
    51 reviews

    Sausalito is where I always want to go when I'm feeling down, but once I get there I have no purpose for it. When I was unemployed, I walked there from Pacific Heights. It's a trek I constantly recall at parties in an effort to show that, yes, I once walked farther than you at some point in my life, ...

  • 10

    Mill Valley

    California, USA
    5 reviews

    Beautiful town tucked into one of the most gorgeous area's on the planet.

  • 11


    California, USA
    6 reviews

    Millbrae is a nice place to stop before making it all the way to San Francisco Airport if you have some time to kill. I fuel up my rental car then go to In 'n Out Burgers.

  • 12


    California, USA
    7 reviews

    When I first visited Emeryville back in the early 1980s, there was nothing here except Watergate on one side of the Freeway and old Industrial on the other. Now Emeryville is teaming with activity, challenging traffic, and a wide variety of businesses and housing, both new and old. As such, I pretty much avoid Emeryville when I can and limit ...

  • 13

    Daly City

    California, USA
    10 reviews

    Kind of a boring town populated by a lot of different ethnic groups. This city is typically cold and foggy but there's convenient access to the Bart and a fairly big shopping complex with all the basic shopping necessities (trader joes, market, restaurant, Home Depot, etc.)

  • 14

    South San Francisco

    California, USA
    9 reviews

    The Sign Hill Park, a small park on Popular Ave @ Rocca Ave. It's in a residential area & FREE street parking is available on Popular & Rocca Ave. is one that many people have seen from a distance, but few have ever gone to. You can see it from the Hwy 101 freeway between the San Francisco Airport and ...

  • 15

    San Bruno

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Nice place especially because my brother Chuck Norris lives here :)

  • 16


    California, USA
    1 review
  • 17


    California, USA
    2 reviews

    One old joke is that Albany is where Berkeley Radicals go to die. And a lot of people don't even know where Albany is located. I sometimes mention Berkeley first or mention Albany Hill or the Race Track. It also borders Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, and Kensington. Gayle also scoffs when I sometimes tell her that Albany in some ways ...

  • 18

    Corte Madera

    California, USA
    4 reviews


  • 19

    Foster City

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Strategically located right at the intersection of the US101and CA92, Foster City is very convenient for shopping, dining, and living. For the shoppers: there's Target, Costco, Ranch99, Home Depot (I think all needs are covered here). For dining: from chains like Mimi's, BJs, Chevys to numerous tasty small shops are available. For living: one can find serenity in lagoon front ...

  • 20


    California, USA
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