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    San Francisco, California, USA
    8 reviews

    For some background: The Presidio has a rich history spanning back to the time of the native Ohlone people. The Spanish arrived in 1776 to establish the northernmost outpost of their empire in western North America. The Presidio fell under Mexican rule for 24 years before the U.S. Army took control in 1846. Over 148 years, the U.S. Army transformed ...

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    San Francisco, California, USA
    31 reviews

    Chinatown is a great place to explore. It is super touristy so there is no problem acting like a tourist even if you're not. There are tons of shops and restaurants to enjoy. I routinely find parking at the underground Portsmouth Square Plaza parking lot.

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    Downtown San Francisco

    San Francisco, California, USA
    23 reviews

    My first impression of downtown San Francisco, it seemed to me an gray and intimidating gaggle of skyscrapers. But after working there for four years, it had transformed in my mind's eye into a labyrinth of delights. The little allies that cut through the forest of concrete hide cheap taquerias, works of art, pubs of all varietals, homeless people that ...

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    San Francisco State University

    San Francisco, California, USA
    3 reviews
  • 5

    Mission District

    San Francisco, California, USA
    20 reviews

    Look I'm going to be honest, this is the best neighborhood, er, I mean my neighborhood where I live. You'll notice most of my guide gives gems away from this neighborhood for that reason.

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    Fisherman's Wharf

    San Francisco, California, USA
    28 reviews

    One simply cannot visit San Francisco proper and not stop by the wharf. As seen in the intro to Full-House, featured in handfuls of other movies and listed in numerous travel guides. A great place to visit night or day with a lot of buzz and people watching opportunities. Street vendors, performers and foods a plenty. Enjoy views of the ...

  • 7

    Golden Gate Park

    San Francisco, California, USA
    28 reviews

    Golden Gate Park has been a continual part of my life as a San Francisco Bay Area Resident since 1984. Each time is a new adventure over it's 1000+ rectangular (and panhandle) space. I have walked, run (Bay-to-Breakers), biked, roller-bladed, and driven through various parts. My highlights have included: - Kezar Stadium - Conservatory of Flowers - Music Concourse Area ...

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    South of Market (SoMa)

    San Francisco, California, USA
    7 reviews

    The once sketchy SoMA is now a hotbed of great bars and eateries. For example, there’s Sightglass Coffee, voted the best coffee in SF by an independent taste test commissioned by 7x7 Magazine, and City Beer Store, the best place to taste beer in town. Full of great restaurants and boutiques housed in converted old buildings, it’s one of San ...

  • 9

    North Beach

    San Francisco, California, USA
    18 reviews

    I have a bit of a crush on North Beach. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a complete Italophile. And, while I generally hate terms like that, it's completely true. I've been studying Italian for years and I can't wait to go back to Italy. To live in Rome would be a dream. So it's no surprise that I ...

  • 10

    Financial District

    San Francisco, California, USA
    4 reviews

    The Financial District may be the only area of San Francisco that’s flooded with people in one moment and serene in the next. During business hours, this business hub blows up with the energy of power walking employees rushing between lunch, coffee and the office. When business hours end, and the sun starts to set in that beautiful San Francisco ...

  • 11

    Hayes Valley

    San Francisco, California, USA
    5 reviews

    Hayes Valley is one of the few neighborhoods that strikes the balance between hip, lush and sophisticated. Both upscale and modest food and drink options are present, and the shopping boutiques here rival those of any other neighborhood. On a sunny day, Hayes Valley is simply gorgeous. The occasional street fair offers an additional reason to visit this much-loved neighborhood.

  • 12

    Haight District

    San Francisco, California, USA
    5 reviews

    I both like and dislike the Haight District. I like Lower Haight, the area closer to downtown with amazing bars like Toronado and food options like Rosamunde. Upper Haight, on the other hand, is where I’m less of a fan. While the food, drink and shopping options are amazing, the area is a bit uncomfortable to walk through with all ...

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    San Francisco, California, USA
    5 reviews

    San Francisco has one of the prettiest waterfronts I’ve seen. A nice balance between nature and architecture, it’s not too gray or too boring. With the recently opened waterfront area to the left of the Ferry Building, you get a chance to walk inside the pier to explore even more restaurants and views. It’s quite a nice walk. The obvious ...

  • 14

    Castro District

    San Francisco, California, USA
    22 reviews

    Whether you’re looking for a top-notch brunch spot or a crazy nightclub for dancing, the Castro is your spot. Easily accessible via MUNI Metro, this gay-friendly neighborhood offers some of the best dining spots in town. People are friendly and the culture is rich, and it’s probably the only place in town where you can buy a cookie in the ...

  • 15

    South Beach

    San Francisco, California, USA
    4 reviews

    South Beach, with its converted warehouses and brick facades, is somewhat reminiscent of the East Coast. Home of the Ballpark, numerous tech companies and popular restaurants, this posh area by the Bay represents the the loft-style lifestyle. While it can be fairly quiet at night, it’s hustling and bustling with businesspeople during the day.

  • 16

    Twin Peaks

    San Francisco, California, USA
    9 reviews

    I think it's interesting how we all conceive Heaven as a place in the clouds, that even in the afterlife the best real estate exists in the higher elevations. Well, I can imagine why our collective unconsciousness might create such an image. Views from the top are indeed heavenly. The view from Twin Peaks, for example, cannot easily be described. ...

  • 17

    Fort Mason

    San Francisco, California, USA
    5 reviews

    I have magical memories of Fort Mason. I used to walk through here with my mom when we lived on the Presidio, climbing up the green hills to descend back down into Fisherman's Wharf. It was the calm before the storm, the solace before the tack-filled zaniness that makes me both love and hate Fisherman's Wharf. But Fort Mason always ...

  • 18

    Russian Hill

    San Francisco, California, USA
    7 reviews

    Russian Hill is like the younger sister to Nob Hill. With lots of posh mixed with youth, you’ll often find Polk Street north of California quite packed with partygoers on peak nights. You’ll also find the ex-frat contingent here, forming sloppy drunk crowds in front of bars. During the day, the area is wonderful. With lots of dining and shopping ...

  • 19

    South Financial District

    San Francisco, California, USA
    1 review

    There was a time when the area across Yerba Buena Gardens was an empty lot devoid of construction. Thanks to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the area here is spacious and beautiful. With benches to sit on and moving water, it's the perfect complement to what has become one of my favorite parks across the street. The area is full of ...

  • 20

    Ocean Beach

    San Francisco, California, USA
    11 reviews

    The SF great highway at the beach is truly great! Great for stroll, great for run, great for taking in the sunset by the beach. The water here might not be the warmest, in fact quite cold, but the sense of peace and serenity that it could provide, that's soul warming.

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