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  • 1

    Emperor Noodle

    4 reviews

    The Xiao long bao soupy dumplings gives ding tai fungs a run for its money. 8 dumplings for 5 bucks and at fantastic quality - much cheaper than its rival. Their dumplings have a thicker skin and more meat. I can see why la weekly rated it second to din Tai Fung. Also no wait here! Amazing! Also try the ...

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  • 2


    4 reviews

    Half and Half's iced milk has nothing on Tbay's fresh cream hokkaido green tea! The Fresh Milk Cream Hokkaido Green Tea is a part of their Milk Cream series and ... it's amazing. I wanted the caramel one, but they don't make caramel because it isn't as special as the Hokkaido or sea salt, so I went with the Hokkaido. ...

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  • 3

    Benten Ramen

    5 reviews

    A contender in the Los Angeles ramen restaurant competition! Benten is best known for its tsukemen: thick noodles that are dipped in rich pork broth. A must-try! I've been here three times now and each visit I had tsukemen. I can't convince myself to order anything else. It's too good. The noodles were chewy, slightly firm and easy to grab ...

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  • 4

    Shanghai No 1 Seafood

    5 reviews

    I never would have found this place if not for my friend Richard and his birthday gathering! This definitely isn't Chinese takeout food. Everything was delicious! The pork dumplings had a doughy wrapper, but were still soupy inside. We loved the mutton braised in garlic and soy sauce. Hope I can make it back!

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  • 5

    Five Star Seafood

    3 reviews

    Cheap yum Dimsum . Always packed so get there early! This used to be New Capital seafood but recently had a name change.

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  • 6

    Jin Jiang Restaurant

    5 reviews

    we did a xiao long bao crawl the beginning of the year and this was 1 of the stops. the xlb was pretty good. very juicy. what wow-ed me was their 1$ noodle soup. (it was around 1$ i think) soo cheap!! and the soup base felt light and refreshing. their eel appetizer was also delicious.

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  • 7

    Phoenix Dessert

    Phoenix Dessert is a well-known for making traditional Chinese desserts and drinks, unlike most other places that are going crazy with Boba Milk Tea; this one doesn't offer the Boba Milk Tea at all, which I think is a good thing. Their selection can be overwhelming since there is so much to choose from. Their Tapioca drink with fruit slices ...

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  • 8

    Jazz Cat Restaurant

    9 reviews

    I love Jazz Cat for their hot pot choices. It's individual-sized hot pot, so you and your friends can try different soup bases. Brilliant! There's also dessert options and nightlife stuff nearby in San Gabriel!

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  • 9

    Sam Woo BBQ

    7 reviews

    One of the few places that open early for breakfast in Valley Square Plaza. Sam Woo serves Cantonese BBQ along with rice, noodle, porridge and various stir fried dishes. A good place for Cantonese breakfast indeed. However, I am not sure if I am particularly intrigued by the quality of their BBQ. What happened to the supposedly crispy roasted duck ...

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  • 10

    Factory Tea Bar

    15 reviews

    So this is where all the cool kids go to play cards and jenga... all the school kids atleast. There's a nice downtown here, but when I visit Factory it's always late and everything else is closed. This ain't your ordinary walk-in-walk-out boba place. You actually get seated and are served...for boba, might I add, so that's a bit funny. ...

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  • 11

    Why Thirsty

    7 reviews

    Small place, pretty good food for reasonable prices and tasty premium teas! Why Thirsty does one of the best renditions of Taiwanese Popcorn chickens in all of the SGV. Order that for a snack and one of their milk teas! What's yum? popcorn chicken lo mien. Rose black milk tea Assam milk tea

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  • 12

    Green Zone

    12 reviews

    I don't come up to LA often but when I do you know I certainly wouldn't waste an opportunity to have a delicious meal. My god-brother recommended this spot and I will admit the terms "Chinese" and "organic" didn't seem kosher to me; however, the positive reviews appealed my senses and I was eager to see what all the fuss ...

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  • 13

    Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant

    8 reviews

    Phenomenal food! They are known for their uber flavorful crab and lobster. If you're not into seafood, they are plenty of vegetable and meat dishes as well. The restaurant is quite nice so it's a great place for a celebration/feast with family and friends.

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  • 14

    OO-KOOK Korean BBQ

    5 reviews

    With so many options, how can you not be happy? Easy and free parking vs. LA parking, how can you not be happier? I've been here twice for dinner. The first time was a monday, so the wait was short. The second time was a saturday, and my friend who got there first said he waited two hours... so he ...

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  • 15

    Uncle Yu's Indian Theme Restaurant

    4 reviews

    My friends told me to go to the Indian because it is the "Taiwanese version of Hooters". That still cracks me up today because I don't see the similarity. Anyways, this is a Indian (native American) themed restaurant that serves Taiwanese food. Interesting.. I still cannot figure out how they came up with this idea. Its like combining Bacon and ...

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  • 16

    Half & Half Tea House

    13 reviews

    So amazed that we actually got a table for 7 people the other night. The line is usually out the door with a gazillion people already waiting outside for their drinks. Get your drinks to go and you get a small discount anyway. I love pudding, and Half and Half has taro pudding in addition to the usual egg pudding ...

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  • 17

    Yung Ho Restaurant

    5 reviews

    Coming from North Cal where Taiwanese breakfast places are scarce, I found it almost impossible to dislike Yung Ho. Not everything here were great though. Beef pancake, for example, was dry and lacked flavors. Xiao Long Bao and dumplings were mediocre. Salted rice rolls, along with the freshly made soy milk and the twisted cruller (yul tel) were everyone's favorite. ...

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  • 18

    Tea Station

    17 reviews

    Well I had a great time here with friends overall. The food was tasty as was the tea. The service was as others have said... Crappy... But after the super bad experience earlier in the night it was average. So lets get into it: The tea was good regardless of hot or cold. we ended up with a pot of ...

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  • 19

    Golden Deli

    11 reviews

    Pho, vietnamese noodles that is known as the best pho in SGV which does tell you something. They have all these plaques of awards on the wall describing their prestige. Zagat, readers choice, la magazine, and dozens of online blogs describes the pho and fried spring rolls called cha gio the best of LA. I would say so as the ...

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  • 20

    PA PA Walk

    11 reviews

    Their spicy dry beef noodles are fantastic, along with their soup-in-a-bread-box. Sometimes I just go for their ridiculously awesome mango shaved ice in the summer.

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