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    Boiling Point

    5 reviews

    One of my favorite hot pot places! The flavors are always on point and I haven't tried a pot that I didn't like so far. Each pot comes with a bowl of rice or a small bit of noodles. My favorite flavor is the Japanese Miso which comes in a large size only, so I usually share with my boyfriend. ...

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  • 2

    Jazz Cat Restaurant

    10 reviews

    I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Jazz Cat, but I think I created a biasness against it because I felt I was more partial to Boiling Point. But I was given the opportunity to try this place out when my boyfriend decided he wanted hot pot one cold Sunday night. We had to wait about 5 minutes ...

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  • 3

    Benten Ramen

    5 reviews

    A contender in the Los Angeles ramen restaurant competition! Benten is best known for its tsukemen: thick noodles that are dipped in rich pork broth. A must-try! I've been here three times now and each visit I had tsukemen. I can't convince myself to order anything else. It's too good. The noodles were chewy, slightly firm and easy to grab ...

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  • 4

    Vietnam House

    2 reviews

    The seven courses of beef was quite tasty. I love any place that allows you to cook your own meat. However the real star of this restaurant is the baked catfish. $35 for a small catfish was big enough for 3 people. Really amazing crispy skin, and moist tender meat. Make sure to call it in since it takes 35-40 ...

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  • 5

    Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant

    8 reviews

    Phenomenal food! They are known for their uber flavorful crab and lobster. If you're not into seafood, they are plenty of vegetable and meat dishes as well. The restaurant is quite nice so it's a great place for a celebration/feast with family and friends.

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  • 6

    Shanghai No 1 Seafood

    5 reviews

    I never would have found this place if not for my friend Richard and his birthday gathering! This definitely isn't Chinese takeout food. Everything was delicious! The pork dumplings had a doughy wrapper, but were still soupy inside. We loved the mutton braised in garlic and soy sauce. Hope I can make it back!

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  • 7

    Emperor Noodle

    The Xiao long bao soupy dumplings gives ding tai fungs a run for its money. 8 dumplings for 5 bucks and at fantastic quality - much cheaper than its rival. Their dumplings have a thicker skin and more meat. I can see why la weekly rated it second to din Tai Fung. Also no wait here! Amazing! Also try the ...

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  • 8

    Boston Lobster

    2 reviews

    Attentive service, tasty (and generous) food, and very reasonable prices make this a great spot for lunch! Bring a group and share one of the giant live lobsters!

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  • 9

    D'ange Bakery

    3 reviews

    Apparently I ordered the wrong sized chestnut cake - 6" is really tiny compared to the normal 8" (but now I know!) and the 10% off basically came out to the cake being the same price as it would have been before the promotion due to the tax. I suppose the cake could be cheaper, but the taste was so ...

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  • 10

    PA PA Walk

    11 reviews

    PA PA Walk has some of the best snow ice in the 626 area, and that's saying A LOT. They have two variants: shaved ice and snow ice. The snow ice is much finer, creamier, smoother, so if you haven't tried it, make sure to get that. You can also get it in different flavors like green tea (yum!). Make ...

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  • 11

    New Capital Seafood Restaurant

    10 reviews

    Really tasty food here, and the restaurant is sprawling. I believe it takes up the entire 4th floor and it can easily host banquets and other special events. They have a good selection at dim sum and their normal menu is good too. If you're a fan of egg tarts, be sure to ask for them specifically since they're usually ...

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  • 12

    Jin Jiang Restaurant

    5 reviews

    we did a xiao long bao crawl the beginning of the year and this was 1 of the stops. the xlb was pretty good. very juicy. what wow-ed me was their 1$ noodle soup. (it was around 1$ i think) soo cheap!! and the soup base felt light and refreshing. their eel appetizer was also delicious.

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  • 13

    AU79 Tea Spirit

    4 reviews

    A popular tea house and hangout for locals, especially late night. Located in a shopping center at the corner of San Gabriel Blvd. and Valley Blvd., it very easy to get here from the freeway and there is plenty of free parking in the lot. Lounge in the outside patio or sit inside the restaurant. A lot of people come ...

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  • 14

    Hui Tou Xiang Noodles House

    3 reviews

    Small little hole in the wall with delicious XLB located next to Luscious Dumpling! The hui tou is a potsticker that is cooked on two sides (flipped), not just one side. The pork hui tou was delicious too. The leek pancakes should have been labeled as chive ...they were stuffed fully, but I mostly tasted chive. We also got the ...

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  • 15

    Embassy Kitchen

    2 reviews

    I've been here so many times. My family loves coming here for lunch/dinner when we have a group of around 10. This is never a place that comes to my mind when I am asked to decide on a place to eat. but that may have more to do with this being a sit down family style chinese restaurant. i ...

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  • 16

    Why Thirsty

    7 reviews

    I came back for dinner and dragged my boyfriend with me. We actually went twice before we came to the conclusion that we will probably not be coming back here again for dinner, especially when there are much more tastier options nearby. The pork chop noodles that I ordered were decent, and came with a few small side dishes, but ...

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  • 17

    Tea Station

    19 reviews

    This place has a variety of teas to select from. It also has snacks to graze on. It opens late enough to hang out with friends and family.

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  • 18

    Sam Woo BBQ

    7 reviews

    One of the few places that open early for breakfast in Valley Square Plaza. Sam Woo serves Cantonese BBQ along with rice, noodle, porridge and various stir fried dishes. A good place for Cantonese breakfast indeed. However, I am not sure if I am particularly intrigued by the quality of their BBQ. What happened to the supposedly crispy roasted duck ...

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  • 19

    Monland Hop Pot City

    3 reviews

    Cold days in Los Angeles make a trip to a hot pot restaurant a good choice. Pick a base soup (half regular and half spicy is recommended) and then choose from a wide variety of meats and vegetables to cook. We ordered beef, lamb, pork, winter melon, fish balls, tofu, and mushrooms just to name a few. Be sure to ...

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  • 20

    Half & Half Tea House

    13 reviews

    I really enjoy their almond milk tea with their honey boba and pudding, but their wait and seating is insaneeeee, Especially during the weekend. They also serve food and snacks. Check out their menu before reaching the cashier. You can either get your drinks to-go, order it to-go (require 2 or more drinks).Parking maybe a hassle since they share their ...

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