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  • 1

    Factory Tea Bar

    15 reviews

    This is now one of the most popular tea bar in 626 area. Pretty nice decor with outdoor patio as well. It does get packed here every night. Their drink is kinda too sweet in my tasted but i like their non milk tea one, it was refreshing.

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  • 2

    Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant

    8 reviews

    Phenomenal food! They are known for their uber flavorful crab and lobster. If you're not into seafood, they are plenty of vegetable and meat dishes as well. The restaurant is quite nice so it's a great place for a celebration/feast with family and friends.

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  • 3

    Green Zone

    13 reviews

    Holy moly, it has been almost 4 years since I first tried Green Zone and it still deserves the 5-star rating. I ordered the Wonton Noodle Soup, Salmon Triangle, and Hainan Chicken dishes bc they sounded really delicious. Everything was delicious and left me and my friend, Shanon Y. very impressed. We were so full after our meal, but still ...

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  • 4

    Tea Station

    19 reviews

    Well I had a great time here with friends overall. The food was tasty as was the tea. The service was as others have said... Crappy... But after the super bad experience earlier in the night it was average. So lets get into it: The tea was good regardless of hot or cold. we ended up with a pot of ...

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  • 5

    OO-KOOK Korean BBQ

    5 reviews

    25 bucks for all you can eat! Although that is a pretty expensive for AYCE, you get some good quality meats and seafood. Definitely get the duck breast meat! This is one of the rare places that actually serve duck for korean bbq. The only other place I can think of specializes in duck kbbq in K-town. But I say ...

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  • 6

    PA PA Walk

    10 reviews

    After some great pork dumplings, we had to finish up with a great dessert place. We were in the mood for something savory, and this place fit the bill. To start, this place is a hidden gem. I have always been a fan of shaved snow, and one of my favorites is their Mango. They are not shy on the ...

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  • 7

    AU79 Tea Spirit

    4 reviews

    We got the combo, because I was really hungry and needed something to eat. The food here is just average. The fried chicken was TOO salty, and not even good at all. The fries had a weird texture and the tofu was okay. The tea was okay also, the rose tea was probably the best one I drank. I wouldn't ...

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  • 8

    Benten Ramen

    5 reviews

    This is now my second favorite ramen place! Benten ramen is right next to Golden Deli. It's a pretty small place, but there is no real long wait. Make sure you ask to try both of the COMPLIMENTARY teas! I think its awesome that they offer some complimentary teas! Not many, if any, actually do that. They also give you ...

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  • 9

    Jazz Cat Restaurant

    11 reviews

    I love Jazz Cat for their hot pot choices. It's individual-sized hot pot, so you and your friends can try different soup bases. Brilliant! There's also dessert options and nightlife stuff nearby in San Gabriel!

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  • 10

    Golden Deli

    11 reviews

    To me, a person that has really high expectations for Vietnamese food, its just average. Obviously for me, the best Vietnamese food would be homemade. I guess you I can say Golden Deli is the best Vietnamese food in SGV area. As far as Vietnamese food in general or LA/So-Cal area, Westminster beats them all! I got banh hoi and ...

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  • 11

    Half & Half Tea House

    13 reviews

    I used to come to this Half & Half location before the Atlantic Blvd. location opened. They are pretty quick with their service, but of course when there is a crowd, you have to learn to be patient. My friend really liked the brick toast, but I think it's super sweet and can only eat a small amount at once. ...

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  • 12

    New Capital Seafood Restaurant

    10 reviews

    This place is very popular among your average Chinese family since it offers the lowest dim sum price in L.A. ($1.39 per dish on the weekdays) and always has some attractive promotion items for dinner. Parking is manageable during the weekdays except Friday and the weekend is just like most places. Dim Sum hour is always packed here. As someone ...

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  • 13

    Why Thirsty

    7 reviews

    This little hole in the wall is hidden in the plaza with the Petco and Bella Italia. I decided to come here with a friend when it first opened and we wouldn't have found it if we weren't looking for it. +Railroad Pork - so tender and it's a fulfilling meal +Popcorn chicken - delicious without being too greasy +Boba ...

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  • 14

    Newport Seafood Restaurant

    7 reviews

    One of the best chinese food restraurants I've ever been too! The food is amazing here. Can't wait to go again!

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  • 15

    Shanghai No 1 Seafood

    6 reviews

    This is probably one of the nicest decorate Chinese restaurants in SGV. I really like the theme and how the waiters/waitresses are dressed like old day China. Well the service was good and the food was good. We got the pan fried buns, really good. I thought I had the best at Kang Kang Food Court, but this place beats ...

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  • 16


    4 reviews

    So my girlfriend mentioned she found a new tea place to go to and it was Tbay. So I agreed that we try it. We ended up having dinner and tea here. Right now the place is still semi-under construction so it still is kind of small. Right when we came in we were seated right away. First we ordered ...

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  • 17

    Jin Jiang Restaurant

    5 reviews

    Awesome place for Shanghainese soup dumplings. If you're not into pork, they have dumplings filled with crab meat. They have other delicious dishes here as well like their sautéed rice cakes, fried turnip cakes and various noodle dishes.

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  • 18

    Sam Woo BBQ

    7 reviews

    Sam Woo BBQ is a Cantonese Hong Kong Style Restaurant. Focus on traditional dish (Wonton Soup, family style dish, and of course their famous BBQ) Sam Woo mean in Chinese mean "triple harmonies, related to Feng shui. Pros: + Easy to park in most of the time, pretty of spot. + Large variety of Cantonese cuisine dish (great Lunch Special) ...

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  • 19

    101 Noodle Express

    4 reviews

    2 Words ... Beef Roll. This unassuming place in the middle of a dying strip mall is a diamond in the rough. Like all good places there's a decent wait. Although their Taiwanese beef noodle soup with tendons is good ... make sure you get the beef roll. The beef roll is tender, sweet, and flavorful. Wrapped up in a ...

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  • 20

    Oh My Pan! Bakery & Tea

    5 reviews

    Ok ok I haven't been to 85 degrees yet. I know, for shame. But I've been to oh my pan twice, and I've pretty much loved everything I've gotten, so why wait in line at 85 degrees? Their thick cut white toast- indulgence, but so delicious. Different asian breads, tons of variety ( can't help myself, I always get a ...

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