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    Al's Cocktails

    2 reviews

    Absolutely awesome diving spot. Ready for all kinds of issues here but other than cash only I ran into none. Definitely a rocken locals joint with cheap and i mean CHEAP beverages. Dont expect any of that swanky hanky panky chit here either. They have no reason for those kinda games or ridiculous whatevers. Just a place to come with ...

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    Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

    3 reviews

    Mission San Gabriel is a historic landmark founded by the Spanish Franciscans. 1 of the 29 Spanish missions in California was built in 1771, this place is more than 240 years old! The Mission consists of a church, museum, grounds and even a graveyard! Which are open to the public, but closed from time to time for remodeling. It is ...

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    Master Wong's Foot Clinic

    3 reviews

    I have found my foot massage place!!! I have been hopping around from one massage place to another for a good two years, an I finally found the one. $15 "foot massage" gets you a shoulder rub, hand and arm massage, scalp massage, back massage and of course, a foot massage.

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    Trader Joe's

    3 reviews

    Trader Joes is basically IN & Out of small grocery, smaller but offer good quality items, love their organic bread, cat cookie and many other goodies. Located in between Huntington Drive and Rosemead Blvd. * Share the parking lot with Petco and Bhanu Indian Grocery & Cuisine. Strength + Good location + No issue with parking + Store layout is ...

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    Li Li Beauty and Slim

    1 review

    I love Li Li and have been going to her for years and it's about time for a review! If you have any sort of ACNE problem, this is THE place to go. Li Li is the Queen of Extractions, she's fast and efficient. No hidden pimple will be forgotten! Prices are quite competitive here compare to other places. The ...

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  • 6

    Creative Floral Designs

    1 review

    I cannot express how amazing Bernie is! He was so accommodating to all of my family's ever-changing demands, and also was so affordable for the amazing quality of what he did for us. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone - whether you need a simple flower arrangement or are doing a large scale event. Bernie is the BEST.

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    San Gabriel Superstore

    3 reviews

    Shun Fat Supermarket is a Chinese Vietnamese American supermarket chain located mostly in California and nearby state when there is heavy Chinese or Vietnamese present. They got total of 12 locations, is main rival to 99 ranch. The San Gabriel location was been open over like 15 years I think. The former store was a Target. The parking here is ...

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    San Gabriel Country Club

    2 reviews

    This is a beautiful country club for golfing or having events at. I’ve attended numerous events here and the staff are attentive and provide good service. The rooms are spacious and even the lounging areas are comfy and provide a view of the golf course. The food and drinks are decent, though nothing special.

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  • 9

    Beauty Foot Massage

    1 review

    Who doesn't love being pampered? I love it... and for $20 (including tip) for a foot and mini back massage. Awesome. Of course, they are ALL Chinese. No, I don't speak Chinese... but does it really matter. You just say the basic - no and ok. If it hurts - No. If it's ok - OK. Plus, you don't want ...

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  • 10

    Petco Animal Supplies

    1 review

    Looking at all the animals... the munchkin loves this a lot... What could seriously be more fun for a lil one than to be up close and personal with potential pets or other creatures that they dont ordinarily see? Well not much hence its such a special time when we go to get our pussy cat some grub or litter ...

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    J Kim Hair Salon

    1 review

    Wow. I called in for the fiance and Mr. Kim said he could see him right away. I came and they sat my fiance down and got started. They asked him how he wanted it and he looked at me and I said JUST CLEAN. :P My fiance's hair grows fast. So I want it clean and short in the ...

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  • 12

    Spring Music Instruments Inc

    1 review

    A great place to get a good deal on pianos - grands and uprights. They also sell violins, and various woodwinds. Private lessons are offered in the back. Ask for Gilbert - he'll hook you up. Tell him Sue sent you.

  • 13

    Oriental Natural Treatment Center

    1 review

    The Costco of foot/body massages. This place spans and takes up three separate small buildings. 15 for foot massage or 25 for body massage. They take care of business and thru get those knots out. Get a frequent user card - and get a free body massage after card is filled. I always ask for Tony! New name of this ...

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  • 14

    Exotic Spa

    1 review

    Chinese foot massage place. If I am ever in the area I go to this spot for a foot/shoulder massage. $20 for an hour. Very clean place, the tv plays a relaxing video, the staff does a good job. It hurts but after you feel soo good! Just a tip there is no privacy at these places.

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  • 15

    Shine Cleaners

    1 review

    Lower priced laundry service w/ actual "heavy starch" when requested. Also offers a cash discount upfront and a repeat customer program.

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  • 16

    K C Cleaners

    1 review

    $5 for suit tops, $1.90 for dress shirts. I came in the afternoon one time at 2:30, and they were closed. They said they would be back at 2:45pm. I don't know if it was a one time thing or not. The owner was nice though. Very quick at what she does. I got in and out of there within ...

  • 17


    1 review

    Well this is an expensive gas station that I have never been to. However i have bought lotto duckets here. Its extremely handy in that regard. I drive past it almost every day twice. There are multiple rows of pumps that are very easily accessible. I believe the two biggest rows have 3 pumps on each row allowing for 6 ...

  • 18

    Super Store 4

    1 review

    Well they actually are not lying. This is a liquor Super Store. They have a ton of alcohol and snacks here the likes of which would take 2-3 normal liquor stores to fill up. You know they are normally very small strip mall shops. Well this particular location is the strip mall Anchor. Its not the size of a BevMo ...

  • 19

    Wells Fargo Bank

    1 review

    This location has been a handy quick ATM spot for me. Unfortunatly a lot of the businesses in this area are cash only. Consequently having a bank right here is a big help. They have plenty of parking in the back for the branch, but I wish that they would have a drive up ATM through the wall here as ...

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