San Jose

58 reviews

Great place for a walk, window shopping and people watching. Good selection of restaurants too.

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    Santa Clara

    16 reviews

    One of the most historic cities in the South Bay. Home to Santa Clara University, the Mission and the future home of the San Francisco 49ers. They messed up on downtown here. Currently City Hall is located out of the way off Harrison St and the rest of the real downtown is over on Main Street and Homestead. You'd never ...

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    7 reviews
  • 3

    Palo Alto

    50 reviews

    I'm crazy about Tacolicious. and while I loved the location in downtown Palo Alto the tacos weren't as tasty as the Mission Street one.

  • 4

    Menlo Park

    40 reviews

    Stole it! Great city, just a bit on the quiet edge ... if it was a bit more lively downtown I think everyone would enjoy it a bit more. Can be super quiet after 9:00 p.m. every day. Might be too quiet for some people.

  • 5

    Mountain View

    32 reviews

    lived here for a couple years.. kind of boring but a nice place.. not many crazy people around and very clean. really there is only the castro street there with some happenings.

  • 6


    15 reviews

    Cupertino is a nice enough town, but there's not much reason to be there unless you have business with the big company there.

  • 7


    16 reviews

    Sunnyvale is a suburban city located in the heart of Silicon Valley. As for culture, the city does not have much to offer. But that's not really why Sunnyvale exists in the first place. Sunnyvale is home to companies such as LinkedIn and Juniper Networks whom are some of the more renowned companies in the world. If you do see ...

  • 8


    5 reviews

    Milpitas is an allright city. It's a pretty decent place to live, if they only improved the downtown a bit it'd be then a great place to be.

  • 9

    Los Gatos

    4 reviews

    They have a great Farmers market every Sunday!

  • 10


    6 reviews

    Great suburb in Silicon Valley. Has a small downtown but is very close to downtown Los Gatos. Saratoga hills have a Japanese garden, Hakone Gardens and wineries, including Savannah Chanelle which plays love music every Friday night!

  • 11

    Los Altos

    4 reviews

    Los Altos Art and Wine festival today (July 15th). Good times!

  • 12


    28 reviews

    The university campus offers a wonderful place to walk or bike. There are museums, galleries, architecture to enjoy.

  • 13

    Boulder Creek

    3 reviews

    A hellhole, infested with rednecks. This place should be so great. It's a beautiful woman with a personality disorder. Is it drugs, or disenchanted former loggers, or the not-so-hidden white power factions? It's just not a healthy place. It is hard to fathom why this town is so crunky. The redwood trees are beautiful, the proximity to the fantastic Big ...

  • 14


    3 reviews

    pretty good place and a lot of people live here that you might know. Latin American food is good here same with afghan

  • 15

    Portola Valley

    1 review
  • 16

    Morgan Hill

    2 reviews

    Quiet and peaceful overlooking silicon valley.

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  • 18

    East Palo Alto

    1 review

    Home to Facebook and not much else. East Palo Alto is the seedier side of Palo Alto and mostly a neighborhood. On the north is Facebook, on the south is Ikea. In the middle... stay safe!

  • 19


    2 reviews

    A very cute town surrounded by vineyards and full of great restaurants. If you are in the bay area and looking for something new to get you out for the day, heading out to Sunol is a great choice.

  • 20


    8 reviews

    This city only gets two stars and that's for Mission Peak hiking trail. Otherwise even one star would be an overstatement. This city seriously smells, literally!

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