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    Coyote Point

    12 reviews

    It's a great park where me and the clan used to roll through all the time. Yes, there's a lot of droppings but it's worth it. When you reserve that small secluded bbq spot and hang out with loved ones.....grilling meat and drinking....juice. Great times! Can't forget about the museum and stick your face next to the beehive to listen ...

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    8 reviews

    Feeling like a chump standing in line to get some pearl drinks for over twenty minutes. Thinking to myself this better be worth it... Long line got us to sample their drinks. One of the outstanding flavors was : mango and lychee. My buddy liked it so much he ended up ordering that with popping boba. I got myself passion ...

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    Bel Mateo Bowl

    6 reviews

    While this bowling alley looks like it hasn't gotten an update since it's been open, the staff is super friendly and the food is really good for what it is!

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    Whole Foods Market - San Mateo

    5 reviews

    The best Whole Foods Market in the area. It's larger and brighter. The selection seems to match its size as well.

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    4 reviews

    Amazing place. My wife was there with our 18Months old and they had real fun. They spent a whole day there and could not get enough.

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    3 reviews

    Target is one of those stores that somehow drains your wallet, despite their great prices. I manage to spend nearly $100 every time I go into this Target, and most of the money is spent on things I don't need. That being said, this location is clean, well organized, and easy to navigate. They have a huge selection of products ...

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    Suruki Supermarket

    3 reviews

    It's New Year's eve, and I want to go to a Sushi Bar! Sushi, sushi, sushi bar! Going to a sushi bar! Sushi, sushi, sushi bar! Going to a sushi bar! Sushi, sushi, sushi bar! Going to a sushi bar! Sushi, sushi, sushi bar! Going to a sushi bar! I wanna go to a sushi bar. I wanna go ...

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    Japanese Garden

    3 reviews

    In this small Japanese strolling landscape garden, nannies let their toddlers run around the miniaturized trees while senior citizens eat their brown-bag lunches in front of the traditional teahouse steps. A high-rise office building in the background disrupts the scenery, but this is still a gorgeous place to meditate and chill out. It's free! If you want a more elaborate ...

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    Makers Faire

    2 reviews

    Amazing creative huge fair. From 3D prints over light shows to robots.. Thousands of creative innovations. Lots of hands on experiments for big and small. This fair is held once a year in the Peninsula.

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    Boothbay Park

    1 review

    This is a great little park in Foster City that connects to a nice and long paved trail that is great for running and road biking.

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    Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

    2 reviews

    I have a soft spot in my heart for US Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories. I did my Master's Thesis work at Los Alamos, which also started a life long love affair with Northern New Mexico. It's even better that LANL is associated the University of California, rather than SLAC's unfortunate alliance with Stanford. GO BEARS! I came down to ...

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    Draeger's Supermarket

    2 reviews

    Draeger got me the moment I saw the huge display counters filled with all kinds of chocolates, cookies, pastries and cakes. I almost slammed into their glass door. I am a snob when it comes to chocolate. I would only indulge in the best of the best. I was quite intrigued by their selection of chocolate but still quite hesitant. ...

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    Level 236

    2 reviews

    Where everyone knows your name! It's a nice spot... it's a nice, dark spot..... it's a nice, dark, neon accented spot that keeps me entertained. From anywhere you sit, stand, mack.. there's a good view of one of the projector highlighted walls. Level is where I run the place ragged with my crew of shennanigan drinking fun loving pack a ...

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    San Mateo County Event Center

    3 reviews

    I haven't been to this facility for any other function except for the YAHOO XMAS PARTY.....'07. YEAH!!! Can't wait till next year. It was great. The previous poster (aspasia s.) seemed to have summed it all up even if it was from the previous year. I just wish I didn't leave too early....arg! And the hooka bar -hahahahaha we owned ...

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  • 15

    Trader Joe's

    2 reviews

    Shopping at Trader Joe reminds me of my shopping experience in the mall. You can't always find exactly what you want. You will have to browse through all items aisle by aisle. At the end you are likely to end up with a bunch of random stuff and still didn't get what you plan to buy. Perhaps that's why I ...

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    Central Park

    2 reviews

    Central Park is located off of El Camino Real. Besides all the open green, garden, and forest space, the Park has beautiful Japanese Tea Garden, sports fields, benches, and a small children's train that runs occasionally. It also features a historic: - 900-foot artistic stone and iron fence built to protect and border the property on the west side along ...

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    under attic

    2 reviews

    Under Attic Restaurant is, well, under attic. Lulz! This would be considered a more bar like atmosphere with their own separate bar menu of delicious hot wings. Mind you, my lady love likes spicy, but the spicy wings here were much too much for her. And not to be outdone.. I ate the remaining regardless of how much my body ...

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  • 18

    Talbots Cyclery

    2 reviews

    Since I no longer buy dolls and toys, the way that I can continue to support Talbot's is by patronizing them for bicycle accessories. They carry a quality selection with prices comparable to REI.

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  • 19


    2 reviews

    I prefer Borders over other chain bookstores; this location has plenty of seating, including tables in the cafe area if you want to bring your laptop and study. Their selection is good and you can do special orders through their website if they don't have what you want. There are also plenty of items that would make great gifts: stationary, ...

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    Cost Plus World Market

    1 review

    This is a great place with products from all over the globe! They have a fantastic selection of wine, chocolate, pastas, dishes, home furnishings, and almost anything else you could need or want. Their prices are always reasonable, and you can often find good coupons for product discounts. Tip: For a great gift, buy a wicker basket here and fill ...

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