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    Whole Foods Market - San Mateo

    5 reviews

    The best Whole Foods Market in the area. It's larger and brighter. The selection seems to match its size as well.

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    3 reviews

    Target is one of those stores that somehow drains your wallet, despite their great prices. I manage to spend nearly $100 every time I go into this Target, and most of the money is spent on things I don't need. That being said, this location is clean, well organized, and easy to navigate. They have a huge selection of products ...

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    Draeger's Supermarket

    2 reviews

    Draeger got me the moment I saw the huge display counters filled with all kinds of chocolates, cookies, pastries and cakes. I almost slammed into their glass door. I am a snob when it comes to chocolate. I would only indulge in the best of the best. I was quite intrigued by their selection of chocolate but still quite hesitant. ...

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    Trader Joe's

    2 reviews

    Shopping at Trader Joe reminds me of my shopping experience in the mall. You can't always find exactly what you want. You will have to browse through all items aisle by aisle. At the end you are likely to end up with a bunch of random stuff and still didn't get what you plan to buy. Perhaps that's why I ...

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    Talbots Cyclery

    2 reviews

    Since I no longer buy dolls and toys, the way that I can continue to support Talbot's is by patronizing them for bicycle accessories. They carry a quality selection with prices comparable to REI.

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    2 reviews

    I prefer Borders over other chain bookstores; this location has plenty of seating, including tables in the cafe area if you want to bring your laptop and study. Their selection is good and you can do special orders through their website if they don't have what you want. There are also plenty of items that would make great gifts: stationary, ...

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    Cost Plus World Market

    1 review

    This is a great place with products from all over the globe! They have a fantastic selection of wine, chocolate, pastas, dishes, home furnishings, and almost anything else you could need or want. Their prices are always reasonable, and you can often find good coupons for product discounts. Tip: For a great gift, buy a wicker basket here and fill ...

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    1 review

    I love Brookstone! Very innovative products. I own many of their items, including the "föm" pillows, ePad laptop pillow, and their "Nap" blankets. Wonderful place to buy gifts! It's also a nice escape from the outside world; try to snag a massage chair and relax!

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    Tuesday Morning

    1 review

    Hidden behind a small doorway are stairs to the basement home of Tuesday Morning. Think of it as a shabby chic version of TJ Max or Marshall's, but more eclectic. This small chain of stores has an ever changing selection of kitchenware, electronics, bedding / housewares, occasional apparel as well, garden tools, Sometimes I have to rummage around, but I ...

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    Nijiya Market

    1 review

    This cute little Japanese grocery store is a gem. The bento and sushi/sashimi here are perfect for a quick bite. They are cheaper and about 10 times better than the sushi bar at Safeway. They have special sales every now and again. Do check out their current promotion. You should see the promotion poster on your way in the store. ...

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    1 review

    This Goodwill has a great location, just off of El Camino Real. The parking lot on the side is sometimes full, but it's easy to find street parking. It's not a huge store, which is kinda nice. You can zip through and check for what you may need and make it into a quick trip. Compared to some of the ...

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    Gourmet Corner

    1 review

    Like many of other reviewers, I only found out about this place because of the Groupon deal. $25 for $60 worth of gourmet French food items, doesn't it sound awesome? It was pretty awesome indeed. I browsed through their store and it didn't take me too long to realize I want some foie gras and escargots. The staff saw us ...

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    Locke Heemstra Fine Art Travel Photographer

    1 review

    Locke Heemstra is Gayle's former boyfriend and a very talented photographer. You'll find him at many of the better local arts festivals. And after meeting him myself several times, Gayle is right that he's also a good guy. Locke's photos feature natural wonders and quaint European locales such as a cafe, a door, and a stunning water shot. One signature ...

  • 15

    Jaybird Adult Books

    2 reviews

    *walking around san mateo..... thinking to myself "what's this store?"'s a shop peddling intimate paraphernalia for special minded adults. Who am I kidding, I instantly felt skeevy being in the dark store. But I forced myself to walk around and take a gander at what unique items to be had. Seemed rather typical offerings and unfortunately typical awkward ambiance ...

  • 16

    Hillsdale Shopping Center

    1 review

    This mall is super clean and very nice. I wish they have more stores so you could browse around for hours, but it only took an hour to browse everything. They are going to open H&M soon which should help out the mall having more people going. Somehow every time going here, it is not crowded at all, which I ...

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