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    Hol Chan Marine Reserve

    8 reviews

    My only previous experience snorekling was at the reefs at Hanauma bay in Oahu. Hanauma bay is an appetizer compared to Hol Chan's main course of coral and wildlife. Right when you get off the water, you're greated by fish everywhere, the alternating areas of seagrass beds and coral formations are amazing to look at and provides an environement for ...

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    Chicken Drop

    7 reviews

    This is just a fun little evening activity that everyone seems to enjoy!

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    The Belize Zoo

    9 reviews

    An hour bus ride from town or half hour drive with a car. There's quite a lot to see at the Belize Zoo, from wild animals to tame ones. It's about a half day adventure and activity. I wish I hadn't lost my sd card photos or I would have it to share.

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    Wahoo's Bar & Lounge

    3 reviews

    Chicken drop on every Thursdays are not to be missed! Star humble, down to earth & you'll get treated fairly, just like a local. Wish there were more seats available though. Sooo much fun !

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    Amigos Del Mar Scuba Diving

    2 reviews

    Notice I said FUN but not Safe. The dive masters are great people, and they do try to make things fun and interesting for you. We had 50 divers and we essentially rented out the shop and all their boats for 6 days straight. However, they certainly aren't the safest DMs. I'm a very experienced diver so it didn't matter ...

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    Belize Central Prison

    1 review

    Stop by the gift shop.

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    The Lazy Lizard

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