Things to do for Spiritual Seekers in Santiago, Chile 

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    Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

    15 reviews

    You can't visit a Latin American country and not visit its main Cathedral. Chile's is in Santiago's Plaza de Armas and it was finished in 1800. It is a national monument and a key landmark. Its style is neoclassic and it holds the Archbishop of Santiago. A tip: visit the Cathedral on a warm Saturday night to enjoy its beautiful ...

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    Cerro San Cristóbal

    27 reviews

    If it's not too smoggy, one of the best birds eye views of Santiago is from Cerro San Cristobal, a huge hill rising about 1000 feet over the city. At the top, there's an enormous statue of the Virgen Mary as well as a church and amphitheater--Pope John Paul II gave mass here in the 1980s. My favorite way to ...

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    Pergola de las Flores San Francisco

    2 reviews

    If you’re looking for the best place in the centre of Santiago to buy a bunch of flowers, or even just a single, red rose as a romantic gesture, then Pérgola de las Flores San Francisco is a great place to start. You’ll find carnations, roses, lilies, tulips, forget-me-nots, and a wide range of other flower types to brighten up ...

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  • 4

    Mercado Central

    23 reviews

    This is not a traditional market anymore. The middle section is nothing but a few fancy (and expensive) restaurants for tourists with promoters that won't stop bothering you. I was really disappointed.

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  • 5

    Barrio Paris-Londres

    6 reviews

    No visit to Santiago, Chile is complete without a stroll through one of Santiagos more historic, interesting, and quaint, neighborhoods, Barrio Paris-Londres. Founded at the turn of the 19th century, these mansions were constructed around the gardens of the Convento de San Francisco. The old mansions along with the cobble-stoned streets makes you feel that you're stepping back to the ...

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    Cerro Santa Lucía

    18 reviews

    This is a historic spot in Santiago. It's not as strenuous a climb as nearby Cerro San Cristobal but it provides lovely views of all of Santiago, and on a clear day, the Andes. It's kind of cool climbing those old stone paths and thinking about their role in the complex and frequently ugly colonial past of this country.

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  • 7

    Plaza de Armas

    23 reviews

    It is essential to visit La Moneda and Plaza de Armas. There you will see a statue of Salvador Allende Gossens (a true hero.) This tells the true story of Chile - you will not see any statue of Pinochet (the dictator who overthrew the Allende elected government in 1973.)

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  • 8

    Palacio de La Moneda

    15 reviews

    I think this was the most interesting place of Santiago.

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  • 9

    Parque Forestal

    11 reviews

    This is a great place to people watch. It's also a great place to fountain watch, bird watch, dancing-youth watch, jogger-watch, and ice-cream-seller watch. Though it's narrow, and you never really evade the sound of the costanera highway on one side of you and the Alameda on the other, it's still a marvelous oasis.

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  • 10

    Barrio Bellavista

    10 reviews

    Very nice neighborhood to walk and hang out in/around.

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  • 11

    The National Museum of Fine Arts

    11 reviews

    The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is one of the oldest museums in all of Latin America. It has been at this location since this building was constructed in 1910. You'll see a lot of colonial era art up to the contemporary times, including paintings of important, historical figures in Chilean history.

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  • 12

    Plaza de La Constitución

    9 reviews

    The Plaza de la Constitution is right next to the historical Palacio de la Moneda (Presidential Palace). It is an expansive area of walkways surrounded by grass.

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  • 13

    La Chascona

    7 reviews

    it's a beautiful house, although we preferred his house in Valparaiso. Pablo Neruda is one of the most interesting persons i have ever known of

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  • 14

    Parque O'Higgins

    7 reviews

    Parque O’Higgins is the site for the annual “Fiestas de la Patria” (Liberation Celebrations) in September in Santiago. The number of people who visit this park during the celebrations reaches dangerous numbers every year — the quantity of visitors always outweighing the amount of space available and the litres of alcohol consumed reaching astonishing levels. Throughout the rest of the ...

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  • 15

    Precolombian Art Museum of Chile

    6 reviews

    Awesome collection of Pre Colombian art! Must see the mummies and textiles!!

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  • 16

    Pablo Neruda Houses

    6 reviews

    Nobel prize winning author Pablo Neruda had 3 houses in Chile, one of which is in Santiago. I visited all 3 while I was there and enjoyed them. They are unique homes with some insight into his outlook on life.

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  • 17

    Municipalidad de Santiago

    6 reviews

    The Municipalidad de Santiago was the original "Cabildo" or colonial town hall. This town hall was constructed in the mid 16th century. Today, this building serves as the Santiago Municipal Building and is closed to the public.

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  • 18

    Casa Colorada and the Museum of Santiago

    5 reviews

    In the "Casa Colorada" the Declaration of Independence was signed in September 18th, 1810. It's show's the city's history. It's next to the Plaza de Armas

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  • 19

    Cementerio General

    4 reviews

    This cemetery is both historic and beautiful. I had a day to kill and made a long walk across town to the Cemeterio General. I wasn't sure what to expect but certainly didn't expect to find something that rivals even the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. The monuments are spectacular and include some very impressive architecture. I spent an entire ...

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  • 20

    San Francisco Church

    4 reviews

    The Iglesia de San Francisco is the oldest building in Santiago, having survived numerous earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Church was constructed in 1618, and replaced the original Chapel built by Santiago's founder, Pedro de Valdivia. Inside the Iglesia you'll find the 4 foot statue of the Virgin Mary (thought to have miraculous powers) brought to Santiago by Valdivia.

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