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    • Lucayan National Park25 Miles East of Freeport, Freeport City Bahamas
      Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Lucayan National Park
      Best protected area on Grand Bahama Island and a true natural treasure at that. It's a great place to see all of the island's ecosystem's in one place, or just enjoy the sun, sand and sea. I want to ... read more
      come back and dive the cave system.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Hi Sarah,

      A lot of the activities in Freeport are admittedly geared for adult visitors. There are great bars, casinos and restaurants, but fewer attractions geared specifically for kids. A great family spot though is a visit to the Lucayan National Park. Caves, mangroves, beaches and forest await - very diverse and cool place.

    • Picasso's GalleryOff Grand Bahama, East Grand Bahama The Bahamas
    • Port Lucaya Flea MarketBahamas, Freeport, The Bahamas
    • Grand Bahama Brewing CompanyLogwood Road, Freeport City Bahamas
    • Peterson's Cay National ParkOne mile off the southern shore of Grand Bahama Island, Freeport City Bahamas