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    Spiaggia Poetto

    6 reviews

    City seaside, 8 km long with different beach bars, good chioce of places for renting chairs and beach umbrellas. served by pubblic transportation all year round.

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    Basilica della Santissima Trinita di Saccargia

    3 reviews

    Probably as old as six or even seven centuries ( no joke there ), gothic bizantine style, another must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fonte Sacra Su Tempiesu

    3 reviews

    After a driving winding roads through groves of cork oak, navigating the hilltop town of Orune we found Su Tempiesu. After parking by the visitor center we walked down the winding wooded trail into a hidden valley. The trail was delightful. Every few meters we found cork signs about the flora and fauna of the valley. At the very bottom ...

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    Tharros Archeological Zone

    3 reviews

    Tharros was an ancient city on the west coast of Sardinia and is currently an archaeological site near the village of San Giovanni di Sinis in the Province of Oristano. It is located on the southern shores of the Sinis peninsula, that forms the northern cape of the Bay of Oristano, the cape of San Marco. Archaeological research done in ...

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    Cala Giunco

    2 reviews

    Cala Giunco is one of the most beautiful beaches in the South of Sardinia. It is called beach of the two seas as there is a pond of sweet water at its back, where flamingos live. The beach is white with fine sand, water is transparent... It is just like paradise.

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    Cala Gonone

    2 reviews
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  • 7

    Su Nuraxi di Barumini

    2 reviews

    This Bronze Age un-mortared stone tower and village had been covered in earth until it was discovered and excavated in the 1950s. It's now one of the best examples of of ancient Nuraghic architecture. The tower is 3 stories tall and made from rock. To tour the site you must go with a guide. Call ahead to arrange an English-speaking ...

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    Tomba del Gigante lu Codddu Vecchiu

    2 reviews

    Located not far from Arzachena, this Tomb of the Giants is a relatively well-preserved example of one of the many mysterious collective burial sites created by the ancient Nuraghic people of Sardinia. It's in a quiet agricultural area, surrounded by farmland. The site is open air, and you can walk on the trails around the ancient stones as you please. ...

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  • 9

    Serra Orrios

    2 reviews

    A surprisingly large and well-preserved Bronze Age nuragic village and prehistoric religious site was excavated in 1936. It includes the foundations of 70 huts, and ruins of two temples. We enjoyed walking through the open ruins of basalt stone. It was fun to wander and a bit of a maze.

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    Monte d'Accoddi

    1 review

    On a quiet rural parcel sits an amazing prehistoric pyramid, dated to the 3rd millennia BC, unique in all of Europe. It's possible to wander through the site pondering it's place in history. Other features are spherical stones, and a flat stone platform. Were human or animal sacrifices made here? There's also a necropolis (no entry) and an upright dolmen. ...

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  • 12

    Archeological Cave of Rutta Niedda

    1 review

    Wow! I'm in a real cave! The limestone cliffs above Cala Gonone are riddled with caves. Su Rutta Niedda is comparatively accessible and relatively safe. This cave is great fun and worth any effort you make to get there. It's a great beginner's cave. Part of a small tour group of 5, we hiked a trail that was easy but ...

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  • 13

    Piazza d'italia

    1 review
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  • 14

    Libarium Nostrum

    1 review

    This place is absolutely cool and stylish. Located in the historic part of Cagliari it has one of the best sights of the city. The dehors is really charming. Internal decoration are also really stylish. Perfect for a drink.

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  • 15

    Via dei Colombi

    1 review

  • 16


    1 review
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  • 17

    Coop. Ghivine

    1 review

    Sardinia is a big island with lots of exciting trails, ruins, caves and waterways to see. But if you're just passing through it's difficult to catch on to how to see the hidden treasures of the interior. That's when a dedicated group of environmentalist guides, Like Cooperative Ghivine can step in and give you an unforgettable tour. I went with ...

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  • 18

    Museo Archeologico Nazionale Cagliari

    1 review

    This hilltop museum is the repository for the best artifacts from all the thousands of archeological sites on the island. In particular I love the bronze figurines from the Nuraghic peoples, including figures of warriors, goddesses, working people, and animals. There are also models of reconstructed Nuraghic villages, and detailed cross sections to explain the technologically sophisticated architecture of people ...

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  • 19

    Tiscali Village

    1 review

    Tiscali is an archeological site in the mountains not far from Nuoro. After a drive on a long unpaved road you start your climb up and up into the karstic limestone Monte Tiscali. There are fantastic views along the way to the top. Near the top is the site of the village, built securely in a mountain cave, now partially ...

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    Sacred Well of Santa Cristina

    1 review

    This exquisite example of a Nuraghic sacred well is easy to find along the highway between Sassari and Cagliari. Most constructions by the Nuraghic people are made from rough-hewn stones. This sacred well, like many others is from exotic stone very precisely shaped and installed. This well still has water in it and has existed since ancient times, surrounded by ...

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