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    • Cafe Atchafalaya901 Louisiana Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115
      Mimsie Lemar recommended Cafe Atchafalaya
      Tucked away off the rush of Magazine St you will find a New Orleans jewel... I love the ambiance nuvo traditional, a contradiction in terms, but it comes off with flair here! Great food and cocktails, ... read more
      really like the staff... Southern at it's best! Very popular brunch, lunch, and dinner!
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    • Mimsie Lemar recommended Maple Leaf Bar
      What can I say... The Maple Leaf!!! I love it!!!! More great music goes through here in a week than many towns may see in a year!!! Get some amazing weekly regulars... , Bartenders, Sound techs, ... read more
      doormen etc... are Stars in their own rights! In fact The Maple Leaf is the kind of place that encourages everybody to be a Star... Put your dancing shoes on, get involved in a great conversation, just have a great time!!! Definitely worth the ride uptown... besides Oak St itself is a Happening Spot!
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    • D.B.A. New Orleans618 Frenchmen St
      Mimsie Lemar recommended D.B.A. New Orleans
      DBA is a great little music venue... that has great cocktails and a wide variety of beers too. A classy little joint!
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      Mimsie Lemar

      Just one of the great little venues on Frenchman St!

    • Place d'Armes Hotel625 St. Ann St., New Orleans, LA 70116
      Mimsie Lemar recommended Place d'Armes Hotel
      If you are looking for a great location in the Quarter of New Orleans this is the one. It is right off Jackson Square next to the Cabildo... It is pretty and reasonable!
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    • The Frenchmen Hotel417 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA 70116
      Mimsie Lemar recommended The Frenchmen Hotel
      Great little hotel right off Frenchman St, the street with the most music clubs. A few blocks to the Quarter, the French Market, and Jackson Square; it's all very close. A very colorful part of town ... read more
      with lots going on. Nice Hotel with good prices. A feeling of old New Orleans!
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      Mimsie Lemar

      I also have a cottage available uptown on Magazine St... close to everything airbnb Heart of New Orleans.

    • Courtney commented on this list

      Yes or nearby on Canal Street

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    • Zora O'Neill commented on this list

      I see the logic of the person who wants to be *in* the quarter, and you'd get a certain feeling of "Heh, I *live* here in this cool place" when you wake up in the morning. But it can be touristy-feeling, and staying elsewhere would give you a chance to get to know another neighborhood (because, presumably, you'll come to the Quarter anyway). NOLA is a good bike-riding town too, so a little distance (like to the Garden District, or maybe the Bywater?) isn't bad.

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    • St. Peter House Hotel1005 St. Peter St., New Orleans, LA 70116
      Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended St. Peter House Hotel
      This is a place I have to recommend on the basis of value. It is far from being a luxury or even a "nice" hotel, but the combination of it's low prices, historic charm & location in the heart of the ... read more
      French Quarter, just two terrace-lined blocks back from Bourbon Street make it an exceptional value. It's clean, basic, no frills and reminds me of staying in hotels throughout Latin America, particularly with the charming inner courtyard patio, adorned with banana plants. Don't stay here on your honeymoon, but otherwise this is friendly & convenient base of operations for exploring the French Quarter - a quiet place to lay your head if you're expecting to be out on the town most of the time anyway - as you should be here in the Big Easy.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Hi Scott,

      If you are going to New Orleans to take in and enjoy the city, there is no place I would rather be than right in the French Quarter. It is a world apart from most urban landscapes in America, and the sensation of living right in the European like environs is part of the whole experience for me. If you are looking for something on the budget end, this hotel is no frills (ok, it's a dump...), but cheap and right in the smack of everything. As Sarah points out, a good alternative to the French Quarter is the nearby business district, which houses many mainstream brand hotels. However, even there, I would choose something no more than a couple blocks from the Quarter. This is a walking town when you do it right!

    • Pro 2014
      Sara Benson recommended New Orleans
      No matter what destruction has been wreaked upon this Creole city, N'awlins still has that never-fall-down voodoo vibe. I'm a huge jazz fan and musician, so I can spend literally days just crawling ... read more
      between bars and music halls, soaking up the sounds (and the beer and potent cocktails, too). An early morning walk along the waterfront followed by chicory coffee and powder sugar-dusted beignets is the way to start any day here right. Don't forget to tune in to WWOZ FM on your radio, online or via a mobile app to hear the real sounds of N'awlins.
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      Sara Benson

      Being in the French Quarter puts you in the middle of the action, but you might find better-value rates on hotels in the Central Business District (CBD) or inns and B&B in the Garden District, just a bit further outside the center of sightseeing areas.

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