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I am planning to go to Kilimajaro and do a safari in early Sept. Any good local travel agencies that you can recommend? Anything that I should or should not miss? Thanks! :)

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    • Sean Pan commented on this list

      Thanks a lot Scott for the information!!

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    • Scott Kennedy recommended Stone Town
      Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania is one of those special places. The labyrinth of narrow streets pull you deep into the core of the city. get lost amongst the ancient buildings with ... read more
      their ornate architecture, rich history and distinct culture.
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      Scott Kennedy

      seeing as you're already in Tanzania...

    • Scott Kennedy recommended Arusha
      Arusha is a great little city. With a mix of modern amenities and authentic Africa this is the ideal place to base yourself for both safari and Kilimanjaro adventures.
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      Scott Kennedy

      Be sure to spend some time in Arusha - it's a great place!

    • Ngorongoro Crater LodgeNgorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania
      Scott Kennedy recommended Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
      Some people say this is where life on earth began - you can understand why. Stunning wildlife viewing and amazing natural views.
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      Scott Kennedy

      if you can try and arrive during the annual migration time - that way you'll really see some wildlife!

    • Scott Kennedy recommended Serengeti National Park
      You can't come to Tanzania and not see the National Park that is synonymous with African wildlife the world over. You end up chasing the big five and in the process discover one of the most stunning ... read more
      places on earth.
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      Scott Kennedy

      you HAVE to see The Serengeti!

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