Second Home Peru

Domeyer 366 Barranco, Lima, Peru
3 reviews

A bit of an architectural curiosity (the building is inspired by Swiss chalets) which would otherwise be incongruous, were it not for being in the slightly offbeat Barranco neighbourhood. It was the one-time home of sculptor Victor Delfin, whose works are scattered around the mainly art deco interior. Not especially cheap by the prices you'll pay for an equivalent standard ...

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    0.09 mi

    Puente de los Suspiros

    0.09 mi from Second Home Peru
    5 reviews

    The Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) is one of the most interesting place in Barranco, a part of Lima, Peru. The wooden bridge was built in the late nineteenth century, and has been a historical landmark ever since. It's called the Bridge of Sighs after a legend that there was once a very rich man's daughter who fell ...

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  • 2
    0.09 mi


    0.09 mi from Second Home Peru
    4 reviews

    Though it's named after the hallucinogenic Amazonian drink, there's nothing here that will send you on a spiritual trip. This bar took over an old colonial mansion in Barranco. Inside, each room has it's own vibe. Some rooms are great for catching up with friends - another has a bar in the center and it much more upbeat. The interiors ...

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  • 3
    0.19 mi

    La Noche

    0.19 mi from Second Home Peru
    4 reviews

    This is one of the best places to catch live local music in Lima.

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  • 4
    0.22 mi

    La Candelaría

    0.22 mi from Second Home Peru
    1 review

    My family took us out here for a night of dancing. There's live entertainment at the beginning with some cultural dances and then towards the end of the night its just all out dancing. They even pass out balloons to dance with! Drinks were all right. Food was passable. Family had a great time overall and would highly recommend this ...

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  • 5
    0.27 mi

    Artesanías Las Pallas

    0.27 mi from Second Home Peru
    2 reviews

    Artesanias Las Pallas is owned by a Welsh lady who has lived in Peru for decades. The store is full of arts and crafts made locally, even some were said to be made by the owner herself, and are unique art pieces to use as souvenirs or to take back for the home. They were of folk art type. Ceramics, ...

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  • 6
    0.45 mi

    Museo Pedro de Osma

    0.45 mi from Second Home Peru
    1 review

    A gem of a museum in Lima's Barranco neighbourhood and set in a gorgeous early 20th Century mansion surrounded by lush gardens. Principally devotional paintings from the 16th to 18th Centuries with some furniture and decorative arts. Well worth exploring for an hour or so.

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  • 7
    2.5 mi


    2.5 mi from Second Home Peru
    32 reviews

    This is the district where most tourists stay, as the colonial downtown area is a little rundown. This is one of the best areas in the city to find good hotels, fantastic restaurants, and shopping - both for cheap souvenirs and upscale designer wear. A typical tourist route includes walking from Parque Kennedy down Larco Avenue to Larcomar, a mall ...

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  • 8
    1.19 mi


    1.19 mi from Second Home Peru
    25 reviews

    Especializados en sanguches criollos, La Lucha es uno de los locales limeños que mantiene la esencia de nuestros sabores. Clásicos como el pan con chicharrón, lechón, pavo, asado son las estrellas del local ubicado en el corazón de Miraflores. César Taboada es el dueño de esta sanguchería, que empezó su aventura culinaria en la cochera de su casa en Jesús ...

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  • 9
    1.72 mi

    Parque del Amor

    1.72 mi from Second Home Peru
    22 reviews

    Such a cute place! Love the walk, the benches and all the mosaics. Great place to visit.

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  • 10
    2.68 mi

    Huaca Pucllana

    2.68 mi from Second Home Peru
    12 reviews

    Nice restaurant inside.

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  • 11
    2.05 mi

    Government Palace

    2.05 mi from Second Home Peru
    11 reviews

    Stately and grand, the Government Palace is right at the Plaza Mayor with the Catedral and other major government building right at its side. On the day of our visit we happened upon some government activities where we saw soldiers in full uniforms in a march. That really add to the Palace's command for grandeur.

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  • 12
    1.44 mi

    Costa Verde

    1.44 mi from Second Home Peru
    9 reviews

    You can go paragliding here, the cost is around $40

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  • 13
    1.88 mi

    Parque John F. Kennedy

    1.88 mi from Second Home Peru
    7 reviews

    This park is a great place to wander around, especially on the weekend. Get a snack at one of the many food carts that dot the park, and on the weekend, there are often shows in the sunken stage area and a handicrafts market set up close by. This is also one of my favorite places to get Peruvian art ...

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  • 14
    2.23 mi

    Miraflores Indian Market

    2.23 mi from Second Home Peru
    8 reviews

    such a colorful market and pleasant area to do shopping in, the Miraflores Indian Market has all the local artisan crafts and souvenirs on offer and at prices that can be negotiated.

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  • 15
    2.5 mi

    Paragliding in Lima

    2.5 mi from Second Home Peru
    6 reviews

    Because of the geothermal layers around the cliffs near the Miraflores area, almost any time when looking up, paragliders can be seen in the sky, soaring high and low....and having a really fantastic view of the parklike malecon and ocean below. Impromptu tandem paragliding tours can be easily picked up along the malecon in the Miraflores area for those adventure ...

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  • 16
    4.97 mi

    Jockey Plaza

    4.97 mi from Second Home Peru
    7 reviews

    Lo mejor shopping !!!

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  • 17
    1.53 mi

    Malecón de la Reserva

    1.53 mi from Second Home Peru
    5 reviews

    the Malecon of Lima is a very relaxing walking / jogging parklike promenade along the ocean. Starting from the Miraflores residential area, it takes about half an hour to reach the Lacomar mall but along the way, there are kiddie parks, doggie parks, and just wonderful scenic lookouts.

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  • 18
    4.11 mi

    Nature Expeditions

    4.11 mi from Second Home Peru
    4 reviews

    Great, conservation-based tour company.

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  • 19
    3.58 mi

    San Isidro

    3.58 mi from Second Home Peru
    4 reviews

    One of the best places to stay in Lima. Beautiful streets and great infrastructure. Some great hotels and restaurants are located here.

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  • 20
    2.82 mi

    Parque Maria Reiche

    2.82 mi from Second Home Peru
    3 reviews

    This park takes up a long area along the elevated part of the coast. It's very well taken care of and the grass is decorated with Nazca-lines-like figures drawn with flowers. There is free public wi-fi on the park and it's a great place to walk on the coast and watch a romantic sunset.

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