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Sharon K. Yapp
Created bySharon K. Yapp

South Bay Vietnamese Food Guide (San Jose, Milpitas, Palo Alto)

This guide covers several Vietnamese restaurants I'd recommend (some more than others) if you're in the South Bay. Enjoy!

Minh's Vietnamese Restaurant

Minh's is a great restaurant for Northern Vietnamese food, and also a great choice for inviting friends. Do note that you will end up smelling like grilled food when you leave though :) What I order: - Bun Cha Ca Thang Long (Vermicelli and Turmeric Fish with Dill ). This is one of their featured dishes....

Vung Tau Restaurant

Vung Tau is a great Vietnamese restaurant with a variety of choices. It is also great for a family style meal.

Pho Tau Bay

This is a great place for pho. It is easy to find and open pretty late. It is also relatively clean and a great place I would not hesitate to recommend to my non-Vietnamese friends. If anyone in your party doesn't like pho, than mi here is good too.


Tamarine is a high-end Vietnamese restaurant geared towards those who want the ambience of a fine dining experience, but the taste of great Vietnamese food. This is a more upscale restaurant (and therefore, the dishes are higher priced). The food is what I'd consider Vietnamese fusion. Some...

Thanh Duoc Restaurant

Thanh Duoc in Milpitas is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I can recommend in the Bay Area. It is a great place to invite others and share a family style meal (although you can order a la carte too). What I recommend ordering: - Cua Rang Me (Tamarind Crab). Crazy delicious. - Canh Chua (Sweet and...

My Khe Quan Hue

It's not easy to find a restaurant that specializes in Central Vietnamese food. If you crave it, My Khe is one of the few restaurants that serves it in the Bay Area. It is not nearly at the level of Quan Hy in Westminster (which is my benchmark), but like I said, it is not bad if you're craving it. What I...

Khanh's Restaurant

Khanh's Restaurant is not bad, but on two conditions: 1) You are craving Vietnamese food, and 2) you simply cannot drive out to East San Jose or Milpitas which is where the Vietnamese food is concentrated. It is across the street from Santana Row and definitely non-Vietnamese folk friendly. You...