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  • Shaver Lake
    Ash Fairless
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    4 May 06, 2013

    Quite a great little mountain village. Small and friendly, it's a great place to unwind and lose yourself in the surrounding nature. Whether you just want to relax or go break a sweat enjoying the great outdoors, Shaver has you covered.

    In the and summer months it's just a short drive to Shaver Lake for long days basking in the sun, barbecuing, fishing, horseback riding, and swimming. Afterwards head back into town and grab some ice cream at the local shop. In the winter, there is plenty of snow, snow parks to go around, and just up the road is the China Peak Ski Resort. Ski the slopes or sled the hills and then head back to grab a nice steak dinner or even just a casual slice of pizza.

    Shaver Lake is a rental town, so check online for the wide variety of cabins available. Walking distance to the village is absolutely the best, allowing you to leisurely explore the shops, eateries and other businesses as you please. Pet friendly cabins for you and your furry friend too. In fact, the town itself as well as the lake is a great vacation to bring your four legged friend on.

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  • Shaver Lake
    Amanda Watson
    5 Feb 05, 2013

    Light snow crisp air. Beautiful day

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