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    • Cantor Arts Center Stanford University328 Lomita Drive, Stanford, CA, United States
      Liza Prado recommended Cantor Arts Center Stanford University
      Located on Stanford University's gorgeous campus, the Cantor Arts Center is one of Northern California's best-kept secrets: for starters, it has the largest collection of Rodin bronzes outside of ... read more
      Paris; its permanent collection has works of art dating from the contemporary to the 1200s, from every continent in the world; fascinating temporary exhibits are mounted throughout the year; there are regular docent tours; and it's free!
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    • Liza Prado recommended Pescadero
      Head over the foothills to the small town and beach of Pescadero. Pescadero State Beach (read parking lot, toilets, and trash cans) is a wide, clean expanse of sand that's popular with locals--when I ... read more
      lived in Palo Alto, I'd go there at least a couple times a month. And don't miss the artichoke bread from Arcangeli Grocery Store--perfect for a picnic on the beach (and to take home too!).
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    • Filoli Center86 Canada Road, Woodside, CA
      Barbara Kossy recommended Filoli Center
      When you go to Filoli bring your camera. I have a great time just taking pictures of the flowers and the landscaped gardens. It helps me slow down and enjoy the place, and see the world in a fresh ... read more
      way. I've also walk in Filoli with a birding group, so if you're more of a naturalist bring your binos. And watch for the wild turkeys sometimes seen in the fields by the entrance kiosk.
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      Barbara Kossy

      This is a great time of year to go.

    • Caffe Riace200 Sheridan Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306
      Barbara Kossy recommended Caffe Riace
      Five of us who are going kayaking in Sicily in September decided to get a jump start on our trip by meeting at Bay Area Sicilian restaurants. Riace was the perfect place to start. We received advice ... read more
      on the menu from the owner and enjoy chats with the wine steward and our waiter. Between the atmosphere in the room, the friendly staff, and the fantastic food, I thought we were already there. I enjoyed my roasted red pepper and spicy pasta. But the topper for the night may have been the chocolate marscapone dessert. Can't make it to Catania? Head over to Riace!
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      Barbara Kossy

      A bit of Italy right in PA.

    • Computer Museum History Center1401 North Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, CA 94043-1311
      Barbara Kossy recommended Computer Museum History Center
      Ah. Finally a geek heaven made just for me! Wander through isles of old and fantastic computers. Find right there with a label, the first computer you ever owned. Nearby is a gallery of ancient ... read more
      hand-held calculators. Some days the docents give demos of the very first real computers from MIT. They also have a fun gift store and wow, it's all free!
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      Barbara Kossy

      Embrace your inner nerd.

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