Sheraton Addis

Taitu Street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4 reviews

It is a place to come for some respite from the city, but truthfully it has a weird vibe and everything is so ridiculously overpriced that you do not really feel like staying. The interiors are grand hardwood and marble rooms, and the exteriors has some beautiful rose gardens strewn along the fountains, but then there is a super tacky ...

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  • 1
    0.16 mi

    Saint George Interior Decoration And Art Gallery

    Taitu St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    0.16 mi from Sheraton Addis
    2 reviews

    Lovely well-curated collection of local handy crafts and art. This is a one stop shop for souvenirs that won't end up in your closet at the end of the trip. Paintings, jewelry, wooden furniture, etc.

  • 2
    0.48 mi

    African Jazz Village

    At the Ghion Hotel
    0.48 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    Located in the Ghion Hotel and presided over by the famous Mulatu Astatke, this place is one of the top places in town to see Ethio-Jazz. The club is dimly lit and looks like it was decorated in the 70s but the music is good, and it is definitely worth a visit.

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  • 3
    0.85 mi

    Tiglachin Memorial

    0.85 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    An artistic communist monument. The metal work is pretty impressive, so if you are in the area it is worth stopping by to check out.

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  • 4
    1.61 mi


    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    1.61 mi from Sheraton Addis
    13 reviews

    All routes begin in the Capital, Addis Ababa. Mercato is the largest open-air market in Africa. It employs tens of thousands and spans a 5 km width. Be warned, you can literally find anything. A guide is essential for safety and comfort. A walk-through is a cultural assault of all the senses. Afterwards, stop for some respite on the fringes ...

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  • 5
    2.89 mi


    Off Bole, heading toward the airport turn left at Yugo Church
    2.89 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    This is a super cool place. Run by an Ethiopian couple that has lived in the states for a long time and is well traveled. They understand the beauty of the Ethiopian culture, and the styles and standards that travelers will be looking for. They have a weaving and jewelry studio right there on the property, where you can see ...

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  • 6
    1.53 mi

    Bole Guest House

    Africa Avenue, Behind Getu Commercial Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    1.53 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    is nice place.

  • 7
    1.27 mi

    Migbaru's Ethiopian Tours

    FInd him at the National Museum
    1.27 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    Addis is a large city where even locals seem to be constantly lost. Taxi cab drivers, and vendors are constantly trying to rip you off, and it is super nice to have a local on your side. Migbaru knows the major attractions around town, is super kind and great company. You can find him at the National Museum selling chewing ...

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  • 8
    2.62 mi

    Boston Day Spa

    Africa Ave, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    2.62 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review
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  • 9
    4.8 mi

    Entoto Maryam Church

    Entoto Mountains
    4.8 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    The church itself isn't particularly spectacular but the views of downtown Addis and the people watching here make it well worth the trip. Entoto Maryam Church is very active / alive. A nice place to see locals and maybe catch a glimpse of a traditional wedding.

  • 10
    4.57 mi

    Entoto Mountain Viewpoint

    Entoto Mountain
    4.57 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    A welcomed break from the hustle of the city. You can spend the day walking up the hill, or take a quick ride to the top. There is a church which really looks like it should be missed, but a five minute walk back down the hill yields a beautiful vista of the city, where you can spend some time ...

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  • 11
    1.5 mi

    5 Art Studio and Gallery

    Bole Road, Behind Zola pastery
    1.5 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    This is a cool little gallery if you can find it. It was named after five artists who came together, but has since dissolved and come back together. There is some very cool art to check out here though and it is right near the Makush gallery so might as well stop by. It is off Bole Ave. just head ...

  • 12
    1.27 mi

    National Museum

    Menelik II Ave, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    1.27 mi from Sheraton Addis
    2 reviews

    The real attraction here is Lucy (or two casts of her) and a nice overview of evolution. It was amusing to have a very conservative Christian guide (and most of them are), speak with pride about Ethiopia's role in proving the Theory of Evolution. As our guide said... "you have to separate religion from science or it doesn't make sense."

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  • 13
    1.62 mi

    Makush Art Gallery

    Bole Rd., Addis Ababa
    1.62 mi from Sheraton Addis
    2 reviews

    Promising but disappointing shop selling paintings by local artists. Unfortunately, the work is amateur and not very good. Nothing here comes even close to the quality of the lovely church paintings that you will see throughout your visit to Ethiopia.

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  • 14
    1.28 mi

    Saint George's Cathedral

    Piazza, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    1.28 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    A famous church in Addis worth seeing, especially if there is an event on there. The adjacent museum though, can be skipped.

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  • 15
    3.14 mi

    Entoto Market

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    3.14 mi from Sheraton Addis
    1 review

    Besides the Merkato, this is one of the hot spots to buy Ethiopian traditional clothing. It is just a long row of stands on the side of the road, so take your time perusing, and bargaining until you are satisfied. It is a local place to buy clothes, but if you are not local they will not offer you local ...

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