Sheraton Incheon Hotel

6-9 Songdo-Dong, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon 406-840, South Korea
2 reviews

This hotel is new and sits view of the water. It has all the amenities as a regular hotel would, indoor pool, fitness center, restaurants, business center, etc.. The rooms are nice with comfy beds and soft sheets! The restaurants are great, especially Miyabi Sushi. I would stay here again!

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  • 1
    0.22 mi

    Tomorrow City

    93 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
    0.22 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    1 review

    Songdo New City in general is a cool place to come and look at interesting architecture. There are also plenty of good restaurants, though they are pricey. Central Park is a fairly nice park where you can rent canoes.

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  • 2
    4.68 mi

    토지금고시장 (Tojigeumgo Market)

    Yonghyeon-5-Dong, Incheon, Korea
    4.68 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    1 review

    Tojigeumgo Market is an awesome traditional Korean market in Yonghyeon-5-dong. It's the only place I buy produce because it is very fresh and affordable.

  • 3
    4.68 mi

    용정근린공원 (Yongjeong Neighborhood Park)

    Yonghyeon-5-Dong, Incheon, South Korea
    4.68 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    1 review

    This park is up on a hill not far from my house. There's an artificial waterfall which is kind of neat. In the park are exercise machines, badminton courts, and a basketball court.

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  • 4
    19.48 mi


    19.48 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    37 reviews

    So much to do and see here. Shopping by day and clubbing by night. Or norebang, dvd bang, all night coffee shops.

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  • 5
    18.18 mi

    Yeouido Park

    3 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    18.18 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    9 reviews

    The island of Yeouido ("Yo-ee-do") on the southern bank of the Han River is home to the Korean Stock Exchange, several embassies, the Korean national legislature, and heaps of high-powered banking and business entities, all of which are, in and of themselves, boring as hell. What redeems Yeouido is its nifty riverside park, which provides Seoul with some much-needed green ...

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  • 6
    18.93 mi

    Seoul World Cup Stadium

    240, Woldeukeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    18.93 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    7 reviews

    Don't be fooled into thinking it's only for football fans, there's lots to do here. Climb up to the Sky park; built on an old land-fill sight, this makes it a uniquely flat-topped hill, with a 360 degree view of Seoul. In the Autumn, it is covered in fields of flowers and all year round it’s lined with pagoda’s- the ...

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  • 7
    19.35 mi

    Bar Da (Bar 다)

    Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    19.35 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    3 reviews

    Bar Da isn't exactly a secret - it's been a favorite Hongdae haunt for expats and Koreans alike for years, but the bar holds a lot of sentimental value to me. It's a perfect place to get cozy with friends, lovers, and strangers, and the drinks are strong and plentiful (I should know, once I was here and drank approximately ...

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  • 8
    18.85 mi

    63 Building

    60 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    18.85 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    9 reviews

    Overpriced and pretty touristic. If you are planning on going to Seoul N tower ( Namsan Tower) then you can skip this.

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  • 9
    18.76 mi

    Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

    노량진동, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    18.76 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    6 reviews

    As much a must for any visitor to Seoul as Tokyo's fish market. Just about any sea creature you can imagine is for sale and the surroundings are little changed since it first opened in 1927. Be warned, if you want to eat there hardly anyone speaks English and the locals prefer their fish live - slightly disconcerting, especially when ...

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  • 10
    18.72 mi


    Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    18.72 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    3 reviews

    Sunday Afternoon on the Yeouido

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  • 11
    15.26 mi

    D Cube City

    구로동 경인로 662
    15.26 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    D Cube City is a massive shopping/food/entertainment complex that is conveniently located above 2 major subway lines.

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  • 12
    17.18 mi

    Times Square Mall

    Yeongdeungpo Station
    17.18 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    Times Square Seoul is a newer, very modern shopping mall that offers stores from the luxury price points like LV to small single proprietorship kiosks. Shinsegae is one of the anchor department store so there is someone for everyone all under one roof here.

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  • 13
    18.85 mi


    414 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    18.85 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    3 reviews

    On the east side of the popular Hongdae area, just east of Hongik University, lies Hapjeong, a hip little spot full of adorable cafes, unique shops and live music venues. This neighborhood rivals Samcheong-dong as one of the best in all of Seoul for strolling and exploring on a weekend afternoon. Your eyes will thank you for the break from ...

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  • 14
    5.53 mi

    Seoul Arts Center

    700 Seocho-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea
    5.53 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    Seoul Arts Center is the most attracitve arts ceneter in Korea. This place is especially good in summer. Because anybody can enjoy music fountain with classic music. Lots of families enjoy it! I love this place so much.

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  • 15
    19.31 mi

    Trick Eye Museum

    Seogyo-dong 357-1 B2 Mapo-gu, Seoul
    19.31 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    3 reviews

    I absolutely loved Trick eye! There is so much to see and do and the posing itself was just hilarious ! at the end of the museum you will go through a fun mirror hall!

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  • 16
    19.24 mi

    Club FF

    407-6 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
    19.24 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    Club FF is something of an institution. It's the indie music club in Hongdae most people who've been around a while will have heard of/ have some embarrassing late night tale of drunken debauchery there to share with you/ try to hide. This is because it turns into a club when the bands finish. The club is dirty, noisy, sweaty ...

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  • 17
    19.13 mi

    바우하우스 (Bau House Dog Cafe)

    405-13 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    19.13 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    If you've never been to a dog cafe, this is a great opportunity to do so. There are about 15 dogs inside. You are required to buy a drink, which will cost you 5000-8000 Won, but then you can stay as long as you like. You can buy treats to feed the dogs; this will make you popular. Really fun!

  • 18
    9.02 mi

    Bupyeong Market

    Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea
    9.02 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    The underground market is vast and a good place to go shopping - it's right outside of Bupyeong Station. There's also an aboveground market near Bupyeong Market Station which is kind of chaotic but a good place to buy produce.

  • 19
    16.58 mi

    Paris Park

    Mok 5-dong 906, Seoul, 11 South Korea
    16.58 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    2 reviews

    beautifull park

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  • 20
    10.54 mi

    대한민국 경기도 부천시 소사구 소사본3동

    대한민국 경기도 부천시 소사구 소사본3동
    10.54 mi from Sheraton Incheon Hotel
    1 review

    capture the moment

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