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Alex recommended National Archaeological Museum of Naples
National Archaeological Museum of NaplesPiazza Museo 19, Naples 80135 Italy
Sure, this museum is jumbled and overstuffed, but a) it is Naples, and b) there is so much to display. If you're at all interested in Roman history, art, architecture, archaeology, coins, culture, ... read more
etc, this museum should be second on your list (after the National Museum in Rome).
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My second-favorite archaeological museum in the world!

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Julia P recommended Ischia
This island is fascinating for its volcanic hot springs and dwellings built of green stone. The mud is known for its beautifying properties, and you can clamber down a mountainside to natural springs, ... read more
with boiling hot water bubbling into the sea. There, you make a little bathtub at the edge of the water with rocks, and mix the hot spring water with the cold sea water to suit yourself.
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Julia P

you can take a ferry to ischia from naples. It's a cool little island.

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Julia P recommended Pompeii
Pompeii is one of those travel experiences that you think will be overly touristy and you will be above. Until you get to the perfectly preserved volcano victims, hands held up in horror, about to be ... read more
engulfed in lava. Then you will be glad you came, in a sort of horrified at natural disasters/amazed at the sheer passage of time kind of way.
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Julia P commented on this question

And you MUST: eat pizza, buffalo mozzarella (find a place that has it fresh every morning), pastries (the shell shaped one-sfogliatelle-in particular) and the coffee is particularly good in Naples, and they always serve it with a little glass of fizzy water. Don't wear jewelry.

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