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    Johor Bahru

    81 reviews

    A cowboy town. Not much changes for decades. Dirty unswept areas along most places. Don't feel safe as I was almost extorted at the KTM railway station.

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    Pulau Batam

    21 reviews

    The Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple. One of the largest Buddhist Temple in SouthEast Asia. The whole temple is surrounded by lots of Buddha sculpture both big and small and some bigger than life size like the one I'm sitting on a very hot and humid Batam weather! Whew!

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    3 reviews

    A business area, modern, clean and has a great park where many people sit during their lunch break. There are many nice places to eat here too.

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    Pasir Gudang

    1 review
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    Bintan Utara

    14 reviews

    Bintan Utara is an neighboring Indonesian island near Singapore. Thus, many Singaporeans come here via a 45 minute ferry ride to check out the local beaches and resorts. That being said, Bintan does not have much in terms of Indonesian culture and history. If you're coming from Singapore and want the convenience of visiting a nice beach, then Bintan is ...

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    Kota Tinggi

    1 review
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    Bukit Lawang

    1 review

    When you look one in the eyes for the first time, it happens. In the wild; in their home… It’s like looking into the eyes of a friend, or some long lost relative that is elated to make your acquaintance. A sense of connection bridges the gap of species difference, and millennia of evolution and biodiversity are summed up in ...

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    2 reviews
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    1 review

    Awesome Placr!

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    2 reviews

    A different angle from the swimming pool!

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    1 review

    Lagoi is a 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore and is a popular destination for Singaporeans who want to spend a day or two at a real beach. It's a nice area, although I don't know if I would come back here again. Please note that the main way to get around the island is by taking a taxi. Buses ...

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