Istanbul, Turkey
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Sirkeci is the neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of Sirkeci Train Station. Trains departing for destinations in Europe leave from Sirkeci. This was once the eastern terminus of the Orient Express, so it has some history behind it. The station itself would be rather handsome if they cleaned it up a bit.

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    0.11 mi

    Fish Kebab -- CLOSED

    0.11 mi from Sirkeci
    10 reviews


  • 2
    0.14 mi

    Hafız Mustafa Şekerlemeleri

    0.14 mi from Sirkeci

    the best baklava ever !!! and beautiful view, this is a must visit if you are near the old city.

  • 3
    0.13 mi

    Kral Kokorec

    0.13 mi from Sirkeci
    2 reviews

    The idea of eating sheep intestines might not appeal to most but if you walk past a Kokorec stand I guarantee your mouth will water at the smell, and for good reason. The meat is cooked until incredibly tender and packed full of herbs. The taste of both gets soaked up by the bread and results in a delicious sandwich.

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  • 4
    0.16 mi

    Imbat Terrace Restaurant

    0.16 mi from Sirkeci
    1 review

    Amazing view, excellent turkish food and super friendly service. Can't recommend this enough.

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    0.06 mi

    Güvenç Konyalı

    0.06 mi from Sirkeci
    1 review
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  • 6
    0.15 mi

    Faros Otel Sirkeci

    0.15 mi from Sirkeci
    1 review

    Highly recommended for dinner, friendly service and good turkish food :)

  • 7
    0.15 mi

    Pasazade Restaurant

    0.15 mi from Sirkeci
    1 review

    Pasazade serves Ottoman cuisine, which is often richer than tradtional Turkish. Pasazade's manti (Turkish ravioli) is the best I've had in Istanbul. The interior is unusual in that the back of the restaurant resembles the exterior of a house. In the summer time there's lots of seating along the street, which is a handsome Eminonu back alley between the port ...

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  • 8
    0.08 mi

    Orient Express Restaurant

    0.08 mi from Sirkeci
    1 review

    This restaurant is located in the historic İstanbul Sirkeci Terminal which held the Orient Express. Close to the Galata bridge and New Mosque. All of the architecture was restored by the Istanbul Technical University and the train station looks just as it did in the early 1900's. Lining the walls of the restaurant are photos of old movie stars who ...

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  • 9
    0.04 mi

    Fasuli Lokantalari

    0.04 mi from Sirkeci
    1 review

    Great chain of restaurants specializing in kuru fasulye. Get that with the rice pilaf (everyone does) and you have yourself a rather tasty baked bean meal.

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    0.49 mi


    0.49 mi from Sirkeci

    Very very pretty. I went to the one in Izmir, Alsancak while waiting for our Havaz. Love it to bits.

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  • 11
    0.51 mi

    Pierre Loti

    0.51 mi from Sirkeci
    9 reviews

    this is small , but nice and cosy cafe. there is large terrace offering great view to Istanbul.

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  • 12
    0.83 mi


    0.83 mi from Sirkeci
    7 reviews

    Even if you don't smoke, it's worth trying the hookah at least once. Turkish hookah bars enjoy a laid back vibe, with Turks puffing away and the sound of bubbling filling the air. The smell is fragrant as most hookah tobacco is flavored. I prefer coffee but I've tried peach, grape and strawberry. Tophane is more of a neighborhood than ...

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  • 13
    0.35 mi

    Hamdi Restaurant

    0.35 mi from Sirkeci
    6 reviews

    Nice spot for kebabs - not casual though, white tablecloths. Somewhat touristy but ask for a table on the top floor for views - a lot of Turks dining when we were there. Great mezes. Near Spice Market so might be nice for lunch after day of touring.

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  • 14
    0.75 mi

    Karakoy Gulluoglu

    0.75 mi from Sirkeci

    Best baklava store in Istanbul hands down :)

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  • 15
    0.51 mi

    Hafiz Mustafa

    0.51 mi from Sirkeci
    4 reviews

    We happened to come across the Hafiz Mustafa purely by a stroke of luck. The staff are super friendly, pastries are divine, the coffee had me going for a week and the selection of turkish delights had me feeling quite literally like a kid in a sweet shop. If you're in Istanbul you must stop in here.

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  • 16
    0.48 mi

    Green Corner Cafe Restaurant

    0.48 mi from Sirkeci
    4 reviews

    Great casual place for food, drinks, hookah. Outdoor setting, really friendly staff. We stayed for hours chatting and relaxing here. Right by Hagia Sophia and lots of other sites.

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  • 17
    0.96 mi


    0.96 mi from Sirkeci
    3 reviews

    I've never actually been here but my wife and I used to order food from Picante online using Yemek Sepeti, Istanbul's main online delivery service. It was definitely the most serviceable Mexican food in the city.

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  • 18
    0.77 mi

    Cooking Alaturka

    0.77 mi from Sirkeci
    3 reviews

    Thanks to Ally Wu's suggestion, I decided, at the last minute, to sign up for a Turkish cooking class. I gave them a call and they were able to fit me in that night. We cooked five fantastic dishes including dolmas, a fantastic eggplant dish, lentil soup, cookies, and one more thing I can't recall just now. We got demos ...

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  • 19
    0.92 mi


    0.92 mi from Sirkeci
    4 reviews

    Owes slightly more to its location at the entrance of the Grand Bazaar and its history than the quality of its food. Beautiful decor though, blue glazed Islamic tiles. Stick to unambitious dishes or fish and you won't be disappointed.

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  • 20
    0.73 mi

    Mesale Cafe & Restaurant

    0.73 mi from Sirkeci
    2 reviews

    If you are holding out on your first hookah experience until you go to Istanbul then this is the place to hook up! Mesale is like a place out of an old James Bond movie with Sean Connery: cultural music in the background, smoke filled air, lavish styled furniture, and a global meetup of intellectual minds. Food is available but ...

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