Sleepy Hollow

Bay Lake, Florida 32836, United States
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    2 Nov 20, 2013

    This is the place to get homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches the size of your head! I used to love Sleepy Hollow's treats but ever since they have switched from baking fresh Toll House cookies to waffles, the quality has really gown downhill. Now they have just regular chocolate chip cookies for their ice cream cookie sandwiches (not even CLOSE to being as tasty as the old Toll House cookie recipe) and instead of the hand scooped vanilla ice cream they previously used, they now make the cookie sandwiches with ho-hum soft serve vanilla. The cookie sandwiches are nowhere near as good as they used to be, so be warned if you haven't been here in a year or two. The waffles are pretty standard fare. At least they are freshly baked. Expect long waits since most items are made to order. I hate to give this place 2 stars but it's hard to rave about it when they've significantly lowered the quality on the item I loved the most!

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