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Snow Hill Island Adventure

Antarctica is one of the most remote places on earth and feels other-worldly. I've always hated cruise ships but this is the one journey where a cruise is almost essential.  To maximize your chance of making as many landings as possible, opt for a smaller ship with fewer passengers.    

Kapitan Khlebnikov

This polar ice breakers is an incredible way to tour Antarctica. A bit top-heavy, she certainly rocks and doesn't offer the comfort of larger ships; however, the Khlebnikov will take you places that are unreachable by most ships and manages to do so in relative luxury....

Emperor Penguins of Snow Hill Island

One of the most amazing things I've seen in my life. The privilege of seeing these beauties comes with a great deal of effort but is well worth it. Easy to pass hours watching them and not nearly as cold as you might expect in the right season.

Half Moon Island

This stunning island is covered in chin strap penguins. The views of the peninsula from here are fantastic. After Snow Hill Island, this was the highlight of our visit.

Quark Expeditions

Over the top fantastic crew and company. I took the Khlebnikov (no longer in service) and it was fantastic. The itinerary, educational seminars, food, etc. were all above expectation. Unfortunately, we had a passenger die on the ice during our trip but the Quark crew responded with extreme...

Deception Island

It is one of the most touristed places in Antarctica but Deception Island still feels a million miles away from civilization. The waters here are just warm enough (i.e., barely above freezing) to take a very quick dip. The wreckage of an old whaling station, leopard seals, and plenty of penguins make...

Snow Hill Island

Snow Hill Island is home to a massive Emperor Penguin colony. It definitely isn't easy to get here -- you can only go on an ice breaker and you then need a helicopter and good weather to land.


The white continent is stunning. Although you would expect it to be desolate, Antarctica is unexpectedly alive. Aside from the amazing scenery, the real highlight here is observing the endurance of the resident animal life.

Paulet Island

This stunning little island is covered in Adelie penguins. As with the rest of the continent, landings are highly dependent on the weather. Geothermal heat keeps part of the island free of snow and ice.

Brown Bluff

If you are lucky, you'll land here and be able to step onto peninsular Antarctica. Unfortunately, the weather makes this tricky. Regardless, this is a beautiful spot.