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In San Antonio for two days and Austin for one. Any must see recommendations on places to go or eat??? Thanks!!!

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    • Alamo300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205-2606
      Hazel Mayfield recommended Alamo
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    • Jodell Durkee recommended San Antonio
      the Alamo was good, but all of the sights around there are great too. Lots of people enjoying the River Walk.
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    • HemisFair Park200 South Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78205-3213
      David Quinones recommended HemisFair Park
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      David Quinones

      you might want to check out the hemisphere tower.

    • The San Antonio River Walk110 Broadway, Suite #500, San Antonio, TX
      Danette Thistle recommended The San Antonio River Walk
      Loved the riverwalk, the mariachi bands, and the people!
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      Danette Thistle

      You must go to the will enjoy it!

      Loria Ewing recommended The San Antonio River Walk
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      Carolyn Patti-Briggs recommended The San Antonio River Walk
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      Brenda Jones recommended The San Antonio River Walk
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    • Sharon Cook commented on this list

      Any place on the Riverwalk. There is a great Tex-Mex can't remember the name but you will know it when you see it. The Alamo, the Missions, the Mexican Market and there are alot of shops on the Riverwalk and the area.

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    • Barn Door Restaurant8400 North New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio, TX
      Thomas Venticinque recommended Barn Door Restaurant
      Very nice place, good Food. eat there everytime in San Antonio
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    • Katz's Deli & Bar618 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701
      Doug Patteson recommended Katz's Deli & Bar
      Great late night eats spot after a night on the town. Always enjoy the blintzes. Remember, Katz's never Kloses! An Austin landmark.
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    • Barton Springs Pool2201 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78746-5736
      Doug Patteson recommended Barton Springs Pool
      If you have some day time to kill, check out the swimming at Barton Springs! Inexpensive ($3) and easy to get to. Great natural springs with clear water and 68 degree temps year round, fish included!
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    • 6th Street6th Street, Austin, Texas
      Doug Patteson recommended 6th Street
      If you don't know what food to eat, drinks to drink, or music to listen to, that's okay, you can find it all on 6th Street. Can get very crowded, but a blast overall! Not for young kids or folks who ... read more
      don't like crowds.
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    • Broken Spoke3201 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX
      Doug Patteson recommended Broken Spoke
      Great live country music, fun vibe, good dance floor. If you love country music, you have got to make this one of your stops in Austin.
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      Doug Patteson

      And if you like country...

    • Continental Club1315 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704 ‎
      Doug Patteson recommended Continental Club
      One of my favorite live music venues in Austin, everthing from hipster to rockabilly with a heavy focus on eclectic rock and roll.
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      Doug Patteson

      If you like rock and roll...

    • Boudro's on the River Walk421 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205
      Doug Patteson recommended Boudro's on the River Walk
      Hands down the best guacomole you will ever eat! Made fresh at the table, it will fool you in to thinking you can make it yourself, but not likely. Great margaritas as well
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      Doug Patteson

      I make this a must stop on any trip to SA!

    • Trudy's Texas Star409 West 30th Street, Austin, TX 78705
      Van Le recommended Trudy's Texas Star
      i dream of stuffed avocados and mexican martinis.the picnic benches outside, stumbling around afterwards in a food coma and drunken stupor.good crowd and vibes here, you'll run into someone you know ... read more
      if you've lived here. students, locals, visitors...ex-bfs who now wait there...anyways, if you haven't been or don't know what to do, follow directions:1. mexican martinis. beware, there is a limit and they will cut you off. (TWO! ugh but with good reason) ...also, i think monday they are like $6 bucks or something.2. chips & queso while you decide your entree of choice.3. if you're going the enchy route, my thoughts are suiza or green chile.4. i also dig the chimichanga.5. someone at the table better damn get the stuffed could be healthy too, but why go to trudys then. just go all out. do it.
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    • Juan in A Million2300 Cesar Chavez St E, Austin, TX 78702
      Van Le recommended Juan in A Million
      oh how i miss breakfast burritos. come here and eat your heart out. you probably wont eat again til dinner, and you may wait in line...but it's totally worth it!
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      Van Le

      an austin joint for breakfast tacos

    • River Sports Tubes12034 Farm to Market 306 #306, Canyon Lake, TX, United States
      Van Le recommended River Sports Tubes
      grab your friends, a cooler of beer, lots of sunscreen, and spend your day out here!
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      Van Le

      a must go - tubing the river is a must if you're in this area!

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