Soho Grand Hotel

310 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013
21 reviews

A trendy, luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Soho that boasts both a cool design and a great vibe. The illuminated metal stairs are a dramatic industrial feature, especially when combined with the Old World decor in the upstairs lounges. Don't miss the newly reborn Whiskey Bar on the second floor, stocked with 50 American whiskeys. Gogobot filmed a ...

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  • 81
    0.6 mi

    EN Japanese Brasserie

    0.6 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    Best Japanese restaurant in the West Village! Try the ginger soju, it's amazing. Made in-house!

  • 82
    1.0 mi


    1.0 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    6 reviews

    Enjoying late afterhours at the Supper

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  • 83
    0.75 mi

    Jekyll And Hyde Restaurant And Bar

    0.75 mi from Soho Grand Hotel

    Great theme restaurant. Not for small children. Good food and fun atmosphere.

  • 84
    0.71 mi


    0.71 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    6 reviews

    Come here for Italian! Delicious!

  • 85
    0.37 mi

    Eileens Special Cheesecake

    0.37 mi from Soho Grand Hotel

    It's a tiny space where Eileen serves her famous cheesecakes. There's not a whole lot of seating at this location. Maybe enough for half a dozen. They serve small cakes as well as full sized cakes. For the diners who decide to sit down, they do serve coffee and tea.

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  • 86
    0.74 mi


    0.74 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    Brunch menu could have more options but the quality is great. The waffle is a bit on the soft side but the rest is great.

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  • 87
    0.98 mi

    Yerba Buena Perry Street

    0.98 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    7 reviews

    Delicious brunch and dinner spot. Boozy brunch - $12 for 1 hour open bar. For dinner: get the fries, hamachi chifa, manchego croquettes, sautéed kale and spinach sides. Finally, the black cod is amazing!

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  • 88
    0.59 mi

    Cafe Wha

    0.59 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    Best performance bar I've been to. I go back every time I'm in NYC.

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  • 89
    0.9 mi

    Mighty Quinn's Barbeque

    0.9 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    If you like bbq, you must check out this place. I ordered the beef brisket with a side of creamy slaw and sweet potatoes. Very tender and tasty.

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  • 90
    0.64 mi

    The Smile

    0.64 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    8 reviews

    It can be hard to get a table at this Noho farm-to-table spot. The decor is charming but the service and food leave a bit to be desired. Very popular but a bit overrated. If you want better farm-to-table, head to Brooklyn or to nearby Goat Town.

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  • 91
    0.43 mi

    Banh Mi Saigon Bakery

    0.43 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    6 reviews

    Some say the best banh mi's in the city. I haven't tried them all, but this one is definitely great.

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  • 92
    0.96 mi


    0.96 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    7 reviews

    Oh Kenka....Kenka....Kenka....Kenka. You are one of the weirdest places I've ever eaten in my entire life and for that, I salute you. I'm literally sitting here in front of my computer trying to find the proper words with which to describe you and the only thing that keeps popping into my head is "bull penis". Yes, bull penis. You sell ...

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  • 93
    0.99 mi

    Angel's Share

    0.99 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    Nice place to have a quiet drink after work, great view of St. Marks.

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  • 94
    0.77 mi

    Il Laboratorio del Gelato

    0.77 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    Everyone should come here every day. It is magical.

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  • 95
    0.28 mi

    Georgetown Cupcake

    0.28 mi from Soho Grand Hotel

    Georgetown cupcake comes to NYC!

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  • 96
    0.99 mi


    0.99 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    Tartine is one of the only restaurants in Manhattan where BYOB is welcome! The food is really delicious and really inexpensive by New York City standards. The service is quick and friendly. Can highly recommend the Peppercorn Steak! A West Village Favorite!

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  • 97
    0.69 mi


    0.69 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    5 reviews

    This exceptionally good Japanese spot is a wormhole to modern Tokyo. Very difficult to get a table at this speakeasy-style restaurant but the food and service are exceptional. Highly recommended. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to get a table. Unfortunately, that is a secret. If you are able to get the reservation number, please do not share it ...

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  • 98
    0.83 mi

    Westville - West

    0.83 mi from Soho Grand Hotel

    So great, no matter what you order. The main attraction would be all of the market sides, though. They are always so fresh and well prepared! I could come to Westville every day. Oh also! They let you drink a beer on the street while waiting for your table. Yay!

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  • 99
    0.49 mi

    Shanghai Cafe

    0.49 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    6 reviews

    Delicious XLB for a fraction of the wait and price of the famous "Joe's Shanghai" down the street. Also try the braised noodles!

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  • 100
    0.7 mi

    Dim Sum Go Go

    0.7 mi from Soho Grand Hotel
    6 reviews

    Kids can stare into the fish tanks, play with chopsticks, and eat dumplings and rice. Staff likes kids; food is delicious, upscale, authentic.

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