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Julia P recommended Sorrento
One of the first stops on the Amalfi coast is Sorrento. It can be slightly touristy but is also really charming and, my favourite, fulls of lemons which means some really really good limoncello. And ... read more
crema di limoncello. I am usually not a fan of this often too-sweet after dinner liqueur, BUT, in Sorrento, they do it right.
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Julia P

I don't think that hiring a driver is necessary, unless you feel really nervous about navigating, or short on time. Renting a car might be more free and adventurous. There are also some trains, although you won't get everywhere as quickly. Anyway, if you do rent a driver, decide how much you want to spend beforehand and don't get talked into paying much more, if anything. If you stick to your guns you can usually talk people down.

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Alex L recommended Bellevue Syrene
Bellevue SyrenePiazza della Vittoria 5, 80067 Sorrento, Italy
In what was one of the greatest travel accidents of all time, I found this place and ended up spending two of the most comfortable nights of my three-week stay in Italy here. I would dare anyone to ... read more
find a better view than Bellevue Syrene's view of the Bay of Naples from their terrace or restaurant. You'd think that would be enough, but they've got a fantastic restaurant, beyond excellent customer service and equally stunning rooms.
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Alex L

If you stay in Sorrento, I would highly, highly recommend this hotel. I've hired a couple drivers and tour guides in Italy and I really enjoy working with them. In Italy, it's all about who you know, so if you have a bilingual driver/tour guide, you can discover some places you might not on your own. But, as Julia mentioned, guides and drivers in Italy are notorious for overcharging.

Erin Khoo recommended Palazzo Ferraioli
Palazzo FerraioliVia Campo, 16, 84010 Atrani, Italy
Wonderful hotel; we were upgraded to the Deluxe room on the 2nd floor (Sharon Stone Room) it was perfect. We even had a Jacuzzi in the bedroom! Staff were really helpful. Highly recommended. If I ever ... read more
go back to Amalfi or Atrani I would stay again. Book on their website directly. We got ours for 140 a night.
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Erin Khoo

If you can I would suggest staying in this beautiful hotel in Atrani, 10 mins walk to Amalfi town. Travel wise just use the routes. The bus/train station is only 5 mins from the centre of Sorrento town. It is cheap €7.20 for a 24 hour bus pass.

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