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  • 1

    Los Angeles

    483 reviews

    I have a fun time every time I come to this city, but the next morning, can't wait I get home. It must just be too much to handle for... more

  • 2

    Santa Monica

    130 reviews

    Santa Monica is absolutely beautiful. Known as silicon beach, it is the technology haven of Los Angeles. Beyond technology however, there's plenty to do here. From the beach to the... more

  • 3


    40 reviews

    Anaheim is a busy city, so many cars, long avenues, and things to do. My favorite being DISNEYLAND! There are many hotels, restaurants, and a lot of public transportation available... more

  • 4


    104 reviews

    I thought it was great to see some famous sights. Hollywood Boulevard, the Sign etc. but most of all Universal Studios!

  • 5


    36 reviews

    City of Pasadena is big, with over 130,000 population. My review will be based on zipcode 91106 only. Which is the area that covers two college campus (PCC and Cal... more

  • 6

    Newport Beach

    56 reviews

    Super nice town and beach area. Parking can be tough but there are many great restaurants, and shopping nearby.

  • 7

    West Hollywood

    36 reviews

    Pricey place to live and dine, watch those street parking time limit, I got a ticket from here and wasn't too happy. It was confusing the sign. This is basically... more

  • 8

    Beverly Hills

    58 reviews

    Nuff said about this city,t his is when many rich and celebrities live, everything is pricey here. Definite a tourist spot but it is a must visit for first timer.... more

  • 9


    29 reviews

    Also known as "Ir-FINE", because of the beautiful ladies. Yes, I am talking about you. So can get all giggly and tell your friends. I highly recommend visiting UCI if... more

  • 10

    Costa Mesa

    8 reviews

    Costa Mesa is very clean and well landscaped. A mixture of office parks and residential but a lot of business! There is a great shopping mall and just about every... more

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