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    Santa Monica

    California, USA
    143 reviews

    Great place to lounge and relax. A mix of foodie heaven and some tourist traps. I hate the crowds during summer and Christmas season. I use to shop a lot on 3rd Street when I worked nearby. Then I explored the city more when I was always there on weekends.

  • 2

    Los Angeles

    California, USA
    506 reviews

    Greater LA is one of the most diverse places in the world - geographically, culturally, artistically, socially & more LA offers everything & anything you can find anywhere on Earth. You will need to look & travel to find many things but if it exists on Earth someone has it or is doing it in LA! As a tourist this ...

  • 3

    Huntington Beach

    California, USA
    57 reviews

    Upscale beachfront living. This city has a lot to offer the average Joe or the "I have a car you can not pronounce because i'm so rich" guy. Large variety of late night spots to dance and drink and the beach is always full of Volleyball and sun tanning beauties.

  • 4


    California, USA
    45 reviews

    Home to Disneyland and Wondercon, and some of the best weather, who doesn't like to visit Anaheim! A great place to visit with the family, there's fun for everyone! And of course, the area is full of delicious restaurants to dine at. Take a trip here!

  • 5


    California, USA
    111 reviews

    In the beautiful city of la you can't miss making a trip out to Hollywood to see the walk of fame and tourist filled sights!

  • 6

    Long Beach

    California, USA
    67 reviews

    I know Long Beach's Beach (near 2nd street) is not as famous as Newport or Laguna, but that's the reason I like coming here!!! If you want a beach that you can go to to relax, sleep, read or simply enjoy a beautiful day without screaming kids or people around you; this place is for you!!! I came here because ...

  • 7


    California, USA
    50 reviews

    I love Venice. Cool vibes, surf, stretches of gorgeous beach, bars & shops. The boardwalk is sure to amaze you, performers & weirdness that makes it so fantastic!

  • 8

    Laguna Beach

    California, USA
    103 reviews

    Great for scenic drives on PCH and a variety of great beaches, restaurants and bars. Great art galleries as well.

  • 9


    California, USA
    7 reviews

    Fullerton has really grown into an awesome place to hang out both in daytime and at night particularly in the Downtown Fullerton area or DTF for short. As a kid, my family would frequent the Old Spaghetti Factory here and sit in the cable car inside the restaurant to eat. So much fun! Nowadays, the more notable places are the ...

  • 10

    Buena Park

    California, USA
    5 reviews

    I've lived in Buena Park for a VERY LONG TIME now and it's great to see this small city grow and change. Some attractions worth noting here: Knott's Berry Farm - Their annual pass is MUCH cheaper than Disneyland and there are no blockout dates. However, it's not as magical of course. But they do have more roller coasters! Knott's ...

  • 11


    California, USA
    7 reviews

    This is a pretty well run city with some great businesses. I have spent a lot of time here as I have lived next to it and also worked there. Overall it is a place worth going to. Its not the best nor the worst though. The streets are usually clean and in good repair. They have some key spots ...

  • 12

    Hermosa Beach

    California, USA
    21 reviews

    Hermosa Beach is in its own world - people leave their doors unlocked, barbecues on rooftops overlooking the ocean are standard weekday events, and the community is small enough that everyone seems to know everyone. Bikes are the main form of transportation (good luck finding a parking spot for your car), so renting one for the day is definitely a ...

  • 13


    California, USA
    3 reviews

    Nice area on LA close to UCLA. Definitely a nicer pay off the city, less ghetto, and offers a slew of God restaurants and night activities for the student population.

  • 14


    California, USA
    22 reviews

    Stayed here for one night with a group of girl friends. I think it's a nice relaxing place but I think a day was good enough for me. Best for family or couple trip. They have ghost tours (for kids), segway tour (was the best), hiking, zip lining, karaoke, etc. Fact1: the buffalo meat they serve there is imported Fact2: ...

  • 15


    California, USA
    67 reviews

    Beautiful view, but that's about it. There's a beach and there's sea, but not a lot else. Still, nice for chilling in the sun or going for a swim. I wonder if it's sunny every day of the year here??

  • 16

    West Los Angeles

    California, USA
    42 reviews

    West LA is a sprawling grid of urban blocks, with the UCLA campus at the hub of many Big Blue Bus services that connect to Santa Monica. If you've got money to spend, the cafes, boutiques and high-end restaurants here will appeal. If you're on a budget, check out the student haunts closer to campus.

  • 17

    Beverly Hills

    California, USA
    61 reviews

    You'll feel a little out of place, a la 'Pretty Woman.' This city and famous zip code 90210 is home to many celebrities and affluent people. Great place for high end shopping and people watching.

  • 18


    California, USA
    36 reviews

    I think this city is one of the best mixes of old and new. I also love how the Metro cuts across the city for convenient access to DTLA and other parts of L.A. Great food, great shopping and many cute nooks all throughout!

  • 19

    Costa Mesa

    California, USA
    10 reviews

    Costa Mesa is very clean and well landscaped. A mixture of office parks and residential but a lot of business! There is a great shopping mall and just about every major store and restaurant you could imagine. Very accessible from the freeway!

  • 20

    Newport Beach

    California, USA
    76 reviews

    Nice & cleaner than HB =) he beach is gorgeous, and the sand is super fine and soft! there's food places nearby where you can grab lots of goodies..i'd recommend ham and cheese croissants from seaside bakery, or something nice and fried and delicious from jane's corndogs (i usually go with chili cheese fries). also, i noticed, NB usually seems ...

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