St. Gallen Haus

Guanguiltagua N37-04 y Diego Noboa, Quito, Ecuador
2 reviews

Great spot in a terrific neighborhood away from the not so great elements of the Mariscal.

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    0.0 mi

    Museo Guayasamín

    Jose Bosmediano 453 y Jose Carbo, Quito Ecuador
    0.0 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    5 reviews

    The painter who represent the ecuadorian school of art.

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  • 2
    0.0 mi

    El Panecillo Hill and Momument

    Costado del Centro Histórico, Quito Ecuador
    0.0 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    7 reviews

    Quito's version of the Statue of Liberty - only it's a winged Virgin Mary rather than an incarnation of Egyptian Isis. Although I've spent years living in Quito, I actually only visited the statue once - on my first visit. It's a one-time kind of place - fantastic vistas of Quito and her surrounding volcanoes, but once you've seen it, ...

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  • 3
    0.9 mi

    Colonial Quito

    Quito, Ecuador
    0.9 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    16 reviews

    I could spend hours walking around the cobblestone streets of Quito's "old town" historic district. Apparently this area used to be a pretty scary place not so long ago, but it seems like they've really made an effort to crack down on crime and clean things up. The architecture will make you feel like you're stepping back in time, and ...

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  • 4
    0.88 mi

    San Francisco Church

    Plaza San Francisco, Quito Canton, Ecuador
    0.88 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    11 reviews

    San Francisco was the first church built in Quito. Construction began in 1535, just 1 month after the Spanish arrived. (It took more than 100 years to finish.) You'll notice that Plaza San Francisco is distinctly sloped; for several hundred years, it was assumed that it followed the shape of the earth. However, a group of archaeologists have discovered that ...

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    0.28 mi

    El Panecillo Hill and Monument

    Gral Miller y Patagonia ( Cerro Panecillo), Quito Canton, Ecuador
    0.28 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    2 reviews

    A hill located in the middle west of the city at an altitude of about 9,895 ft above sea level. A 134.5 fttall aluminum monument of Quito's Madonna is visible from most of the city of Quito. Take a $5 taxi cab and you'll be there in about 10 minutes from your condo.

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  • 6
    0.99 mi

    Trans Rabbit SA

    Quito, Ecuador
    0.99 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    1 review

    Very reliable and friendly van service for transport around Quito and local attractions. They are even able to take you up to Papallacta for a reasonable rate. Love these guys.

  • 7
    0.91 mi

    Columbus Travel Galapagos Cruises

    0.91 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    1 review

    The Columbus Travel company offers incredible, custom cruises of the Galapagos Islands that are ideal for the seasoned world traveler. Choose a vessel from their varied armada--luxury cruises, specialized diving boats, motor sailers and economy options--and set sail for a unique, personalized tour of the Galapagos. Two huge advantages of booking with Columbus: your cruise includes a direct flight from ...

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  • 8
    0.99 mi

    Calle La Ronda

    Entre las Calles 24 de Mayo y Rocafuerte, Quito Ecuador
    0.99 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    1 review
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  • 9
    1.59 mi

    Iglesia La Compañía

    García Moreno at Sucre, Centro, Quito
    1.59 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    10 reviews

    A friend told me to stop by this place, and WOW! The ornate interior carvings and niches for saints, and the altar and most of the ceiling are covered in gold leaf--50-52 kilos according to the folks who take your $3 at the door. An absolutely amazing church. By the way, the picture shown with this review is of some ...

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  • 10
    1.41 mi

    La Basílica

    Venezuela y Carchi, Quito Ecuador
    1.41 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    9 reviews

    If you're not afraid of heights, you can climb ALL the way up into the towers of the basilica. Great views and nice architecture.

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  • 11
    4.77 mi


    Ultimas Noticias, Quito, Ecuador
    4.77 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    7 reviews

    If you are looking for shopping quicentro is the right place to do it, it has everything, for everyone, it is one of the best shopping malls of the capital, but it is a little expensive, but it worth it.

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  • 12
    2.55 mi

    La Mariscal

    2.55 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    9 reviews

    La Mariscal called by the young quitenos La zona. Travelers the world over through this exciting, seductive and fun neighborhood, you will find hotels, chic boutiques, Spanish schools, dance academies, internet cafes museums, restaurants, travel agencies and cultural centers, and also La Mariscal has a nightlife.

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  • 13
    2.63 mi


    TeleferiQo,Pichincha Volcano,Quito,Pichincha,, Ecuador
    2.63 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    6 reviews

    When we first arrived, it was desolate. Rarely anybody in sight, ghetto ass place with nothing much going on. We rode up to the top, which was approximately a 20 minute ride, and got in our photos of the place. It was a very simple, very whatever kind of place at first. The people who would get more out of ...

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  • 14
    4.42 mi

    Parque La Carolina

    Av. Amazonas, Shirys y Naciones Unidas, Quito Ecuador
    4.42 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    5 reviews

    165.5-acre park in the centre of the Quito main business area. About three blocks away from penthouse.

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  • 15
    2.92 mi

    Plaza Foch

    Reina Victoria, Quito Canton, Ecuador
    2.92 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    6 reviews

    Plaza foch is the heart of the marsical district and serves as the perfect meeting up spot for tourist and locals embarking on a night on the town. The plaza is flanked by restaurants and cafes, nearly all of which have outdoor seating spilling out into the plaza, or balconies overlooking the pedestrians below. It's a fun spot to grab ...

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  • 16
    2.77 mi

    Avenida Amazonas

    Norte de la ciudad, Quito Ecuador
    2.77 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    5 reviews


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  • 17
    2.95 mi

    Museo de Sitio Iti-ñan

    Quito, Quito Metropolitan Area, Ecuador
    2.95 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    3 reviews

    The Iti-ñan Museum which is where the actual camino de sol crosses as per GPS. The $4 admissions includes a very informative tour, interactive games and activities and photo ops to stand each foot on both hemisphere at the same time!

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  • 18
    1.55 mi

    Plaza San Blas

    Guayaquil y Caldas, Quito Ecuador
    1.55 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    3 reviews

    Plaza San Blas is a square which is situated at the gateway to the historic centre of Quito and marks the northern limit of the city.

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  • 19
    2.27 mi

    Parque El Ejido

    El Ejido, Quito Canton, Ecuador
    2.27 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    3 reviews

    Third-largest park of Quito, divides the old part of the city from the modern one. Great Handicrafts and paintings. A five minute taxi-ride from your apartment .

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  • 20
    3.77 mi

    Mall El Jardin

    Quito Canton, Ecuador
    3.77 mi from St. Gallen Haus
    3 reviews

    It's embarrassing to admit, but I used to head to El Jardin when I was homesick and just wanted to be in air conditioning in a nice, clean, modern environment. It's also where I used to go for my McDonalds fix (is it me or are fast food places SO much nicer in S. America than they are in the ...

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