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    • Pro 2014
      Alex recommended Trinidad and Tobago
      Sure, resort islands are fab, but in my opinion, the best islands in the Caribbean are where industries besides tourism exist, where there is that indomitable Caribbean spirit, and not just resorts. ... read more
      The beaches might not be quite as gorgeous as St. Lucia or St Barth, but you'll get to experience an entire nation's worth of culture. Absolutely worth the tradeoff.
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      Have you considered heading to just off the coast of Venezuela?

    • Pro 2014
      Alex recommended Venezuela
      Although I've been to Venezuela twice, both times were less than a week. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know the country as much as I would have liked, because I was blown away by the people I met and ... read more
      the things I saw. If you can fly up to Angel Falls to see the world's longest waterfalls, do. You'll feel like you're in the movie Up. The Orinoco river feels like another world. I met some of the friendliest people in Caracas. I know politically it's not quite ready to be a hotbed of tourism, but that just means you'll have the beautiful areas even that much more to yourself.
      .Comment.about 2 years ago. Report

      I haven't been there, but the most 'fun in the sun' island in Venezuela is Isla Margarita.

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