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    • Pro 2014
      Steve Baumgartner commented on this list

      I haven't added these reviews to gogobot yet (and I'm not sure I will), but Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor in Dania Beach (not far from Hollywood, FL) had a line out their door waiting for tables. We chose to just get some ice cream from the window instead of waiting which I thought was good. There was also the restaurant A Touch of Cuba for authentic Cuban food. If you're not from an area where you can find Pollo Tropical (yes, it's a chain, but one of our favorites when in Florida), I would recommend that as well.

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    • Ruen Pair Restaurant5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
      Pro 2014
      Andrea L recommended Ruen Pair Restaurant
      Even thought they have a B rating in their window, this place still has a few things going for them: Vegan friendly! They willingly omit the fish sauce and egg to make food I can eat! Cheap! Most ... read more
      items are in the $6-8 range Open until 4am for those midnight-after-partying Thai cravings Super fast! I swear they brought almost 10 dishes out about 10 minutes after we ordered. BYOB Parking is $2-$3, so it's not free, but at least it's cheap. It's a very casual place with an authentic feel, down to decorations and bags of rice laying around. Bring some cash; you won't need a lot. Order a few things to share and enjoy! I don't know if I'd like this place quite as much if I came during the middle of the day for lunch, but I have enjoyed it every time I have come for those late night meals with friends! Tasty, cheap, fast and open until 4am satisfies those late night sustenance needs after partying in Hollywood!
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