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Ilkka Pihlaja commented on this question

I rented a car in Namibia a few years ago for a week. Traffic is very light and roads are better that I expected. I can really recommend it! Unfortunately didn't get to Sossusvlei though, we headed up north to Etosha and towards the coast.

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Susan Cory commented on this question

Thanks,Ilkka for your response. I'm a bit nervous about breaking down or running out of gas while driving through the desert alone.

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Summer Wilms commented on this question

Hi Susan,
Ilkka is right. I have a lot of driving experience in Namibia and driving is much easier than you'd expect. Most of the roads to Sossosvlei and in the park itself are not paved but frequently maintained. The traffic is almost alway very light and if you run into any problems, the Namibians are some of the most helpful people you'll come across.
When I'm in Sossosvlei I usually camp at the Namibia Wildlife Resort campsite so I don't have direct experience with lodges in the area. I have heard good things about Camp Gekko in Solitaire. They're prices are supposed to be quite reasonable and they also run trips into Sossosvlei.
If you are definitely against driving yourself, another option is to hop a short flight to Swakopmund and then sign up for a tour to the Vlei from there. There are plenty of travel agents there to choose from. Have a great trip!

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