Swan Inn Ajijic

18, Ajijic 45920, Mexico

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    0.16 mi


    0.16 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    2 reviews

    No reason on earth to shop at a Walmart in this area, We have better and fresher fruits and veggies, everywhere. the meat, fish and cheeses are better everywhere else. Pharmacy may be the same or slightly cheaper than Farmcias Guadalajara but at Framacias you know the $$ stays in Jalisco not going to some International conglomerate! AVOID at ALL ...

  • 2
    0.34 mi

    San Antonio Tlayacapan

    0.34 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review

    San Antonio Tlayacapan is tucked between the cities of Ajijic and Chapala, and is part of the Chapala province.

  • 3
    1.52 mi

    Jardin Internacional

    1.52 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    2 reviews
  • 4
    3.47 mi

    Soriana Mercado

    3.47 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review

    The Soriana Mercado is the Wal-Mart of Mexico. I have shopped in both the Chapala Soriana and Wal-Mart, and I like Wal-Mart better because it is cleaner than the Soriana, and it smells better as well..

  • 5
    3.72 mi

    Lake Chapala

    3.72 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review

    A beautiful town on a beautiful lake. Great day out with a family or friends, or just for a nice stroll just the two of you. Lots of cute little stalls selling Mexican stuff and local nibbles and sweets.

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  • 6
    13.61 mi

    Lago de Chapala

    13.61 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    5 reviews

    Lago de Chapala is Mexico's biggest lake. It is located about fifty miles south of Guadalajara. The dimensions of the lake are fifty miles running east to west, and about eight miles north to south.

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  • 7
    12.16 mi


    12.16 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    2 reviews

    The Templo del Senor del Monte is the Roman Catholic Church in Jocotepec. I wasn't able to find out when the Church was constructed, but the town was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century, so that's a hint that the Church is very old.

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  • 8
    15.08 mi


    15.08 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review

    Mezcala is a very small pueblo about twenty minutes east of Chapala. There is an old Spanish fort on the island just off the coast in Lake Chapala, that is just one of four Spanish forts left in the country. In 1812, the Mexican people rose up and took the fort from the Spanish garrison left there to defend the ...

  • 9
    12.18 mi

    Casa de la Cultura de Jocotepec

    12.18 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review

    The Jocotepec House of Culture is located next to the Jocotepec Ayutamiento (Town Hall) in the town center.

  • 10
    12.27 mi

    Hidalgo Sur

    12.27 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review

    The Jocotepec Hidalgo Sur is the major road linking the Lago de Chapala to the Jocotepec Town Center.

  • 11
    34.6 mi


    34.6 mi from Swan Inn Ajijic
    1 review
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