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    Tong Hua Night Market

    This is a small night market near Taipei 101. Great street food and shops for cheap clothes and accessories!

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    Modern Toilet

    6 reviews

    This restaurant is a themed restaurant in Taipei. The theme however, like the name implies, is toilet/bathroom themed. All the utensils are all somehow related to bathrooms. For example the plates are in the shape of those squat toilets found in China. Drinks come in those portable urine containers. Soups come in toilet bowls, and all the seats are toilet ...

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    林東芳牛肉麵 Lin Tung Fong Beef Noodles

    3 reviews

    林東芳牛肉麵 is the working man's beef noodle shop, also satisfying appetites for the nationally loved bowl late into the night...and I mean REALLY late. How hardcore is this place? Well for starters it is open from 11 am till 6:30 am the next day! That's almost 19 hours of continuous operation! The main dining area right by the kitchen (facing ...

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    3 reviews


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    老外一品牛肉麵 Foreigner's Beef Noodles

    3 reviews

    In Taipei, beef noodle soup 牛肉麵 has a very loyal and rabid following, akin to that of ramen in Japan. Part comfort food, the rest nothing but pure deliciousness. Everywhere you go, although the bowl is just broth, noodles, and beef, each rendition varies. The competition is fierce, so the quality bar is high in general. You've got the clear ...

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    Perfume Dance 跳舞香水

    Good service and great food and coffee, staying here just to enjoy !

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    2 reviews

    Great place to work out and relax our mind

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    2 reviews

    If you can wait a little this little stand in the alley is worth the wait. Grab a seat as soon as you see one and shout your order to the cook. The beef noodle soup is their specialty. The noodles are super chewy and the soup is just amazing.

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    2 reviews

    When I was young, everytime my mom asked me where I wanna go for eating, I always answered this one. So there, kids not lie. It's definitely recommended.

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    天一香肉羹順 Tien Yi Hsiang Keelung Night Market Taipei

    2 reviews

    Tien Yi Hsiang was started by the 2nd generation of the family that founded Wu's 100 year old Ding Bien Dzuo....anyhow they are located just mere feet from one another, adjacent to the temple at Keelung's world famous night market. After 5 pm, expect crowds to show up and by nightfall, you may even have to wait for a table...errr ...

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    佳德糕餅ChiaTe Bakery Co.

    2 reviews

    Deep in the heart of the commercial neighborhood in Taipei (Fendi and other designer stores are close by). This is THE place to get pineapple cakes and wife cakes in Taipei! If you happen to be there around the lunar new year, be prepared for ridiculous crowds and a wait. On a normal day there is a wait...around lunar new ...

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    世界豆漿大王 (World Soybean Milk Magnate)

    This place is a Taipei institution -- it has been around for 30 years, and started as a place for late-night mah jong players to retreat to after a long nights of playing. There is a simple, no frills air to this place -- you walk in and are seated immediately (it's basically 3 walls, so it's not exactly air ...

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    2 reviews

    Yummy potato dishes with different combinations to choose from! we got the one with cheese, ham, and corn. There's another cart next to this one that claims to be "the first," but who knows...I usually come to this cart :)

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    度小月擔仔麵 Tu Hsiao Yeh Peddler Noodle Yong Kang Street branch

    2 reviews

    If you make one visit to Taiwan, to either Taipei or Tainan City, make this place at the top of your list. Forget Din Tai Fung and Xiao Long Bao! This historical bowl of noodles is something you will remember for a lifetime and come back again to. While Manhattan's legendary Katz's Deli started circa 1888, around the same time, ...

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    2 reviews

    Located inside the Budai Fish Market, you will find this stand that has a long line of people waiting for oyster pancakes and their newer item, the oyster baos. They are all made fresh and so delicious.

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    2 reviews

    This restaurant is directly across the street from the Toong Mao Spa Resort Guanziling. It is an absolute must try if you’ve made it that far up the mountain. It’s also a great meal after you’ve had a good soak at the hot springs at Toong Mao. The favorite dishes here are the bucket chicken, bamboo shoots, and the plum ...

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    Ding tai fung

    2 reviews

    The only ding tai Fung branch that is Michelin star rated. They have soup dumplings with truffle and birds best fern vegetables that are special to his particular branch. The service is exceptional and honestly the it's he best soup dumplings I've had in my life! Must try and worth the wait!

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    百年吳家鼎邊趖 100 year old Wu's Ding Bien Dzuo Keelung Night Market

    2 reviews

    Some say that Keelung (基隆) Night Market was born out of the main temple in the area (hence the term 基隆廟口) when people in the old days would travel like pilgrims to worship. Eventually worshippers got hungry and needed some food at whatever hours of the day or night, even if they were praying into the wee hours of the ...

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