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  • 61
    1.55 mi

    Caffè Sant'Eustachio

    1.55 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    19 reviews

    This is what espresso in Heaven must taste like! All of the hype you've heard is 100% true -- this is without question the single best cup of espresso I have ever had in the world. Yes, the world's best. If you love coffee, make this your first stop in Rome. I literally shed tears in the street on my ...

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  • 62
    2.47 mi

    Old Bridge Gelateria

    2.47 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    Located halfway along the wall of the Vatican Museum, Old Bridge is a great place to stop for some gelato. This was the largest and cheapest gelato I had during my week in Italy (and I had gelato every day). Even with the small size you get to choose 3 different flavors! The staff understands English fairly well too.

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  • 63
    1.76 mi

    Forno Campo de' Fiori

    1.76 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    13 reviews

    Excellent for a quick lunch of delicious pizza or panini and always stocked with the most amazing pastries and cookies. Their food is simplistic with ingredients that are obviously quality, and that makes all the difference. Definitely stop in if you're in Campo de Fiori (and they're open!)

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  • 64
    1.7 mi

    Bar Pompi

    1.7 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    Seriously this is the best tiramisù everrrrrrrrrrr!

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  • 65
    1.46 mi


    1.46 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    10 reviews

    International cuisine in the center of Rome. Favorite dish: Pizza!

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  • 66
    2.07 mi

    Trattoria Cacio e Pepe

    2.07 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    8 reviews

    The name says it all. Come to trattoria cacio e pepe to try the eponymous pasta, spaghetti covered in cheese and black pepper, an example of the simple genius of traditional Roman food.

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  • 67
    1.71 mi

    Il Forno Roscioli

    1.71 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    I lived a few doors down from this place for two years and it's famous for its pizza rossa and bianca amongst locals and tourists alike. Fast, friendly, and consistent impeccable quality. Always serve up seasonal specialities around Christmas and other holidays throughout the year which is fun. The pizza with toppings is pricey but good. A must do

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  • 68
    1.8 mi

    Pizzeria la Montecarlo

    1.8 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    6 reviews

    The Pizza at Montecarlo is very good, but it's become a tourist destination more than the "real" Roman pizzeria. Your best bet is Da Baffetto 2 behind Campo de'Fiori, Da Remo in the Testaccio zone, or Nuovo Mondo (also Testaccio). My personal favorite is Baffetto-2 because it's a bit less crowded in the outside seating, but all are excellent.

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  • 69
    1.73 mi

    Filetti di Baccala

    1.73 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    6 reviews

    On the trail of typical Roman cuisine, Filetti di Baccala will tick a couple essential boxes: baccala or fried salt cod, and, in season, puntarelle, the spring green served with an anchovy sauce - trust us, it's great. Filetti di Baccala also ticks that other time-honored Italian box of "si mangia bene e si spende poco" (you eat well and ...

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  • 70
    2.28 mi

    Felice a Testaccio

    2.28 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    Felice a Testaccio is known for its cacio e pepe and other traditional Roman dishes. The menu changes daily, so check for favorites like coda alla vaccinara (oxtail) and saltimbocca alla romana (veal with prosciutto and sage).

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  • 71
    1.59 mi

    La Taverna del Ghetto

    1.59 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    6 reviews

    It pains me to give a one-star review to this place. The food is really quite good - superior for Kosher food when compared to what's available in the US. However, after living in Rome for two years, this is the ONLY restaurant that has run my check wrong ... twice. It pales in comparison to Ba'Ghetto, across the street, ...

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  • 72
    1.47 mi

    Obikà Mozzarella Bar

    1.47 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    This is part of an Italian chain that features mozzarella. It is probably the best choice in Campo de’ Fiori itself which is continually stuffed with tourists and restaurants that employ people to accost you in an attempt to get you to eat at the restaurant. The pizzas were thin crust with fresh toppings including good mozzarella. Not a bad ...

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  • 73
    1.58 mi

    Pizzeria Florida

    1.58 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    5 reviews

    just wanted to check something.....

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  • 74
    2.51 mi

    Osteria dell'Angelo

    2.51 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    I thought all the Roman food places were in Testaccio, until I accidentally ran across this place while staying at a pensione across the street. The owner, Angelo, puts on a good rap about how healthy typical Roman food is (tripe is low in fat, and other interesting little known facts) but the food is really truly delicious. There's a ...

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  • 75
    1.46 mi

    Gelateria della Palma

    1.46 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    One entrance is an onslaught of chocolate (impression upon first sight: Ooh!) and the other opens up to one of the largest displays of gelato I've ever seen (impression upon first sight: Oooooooh!). The chocolate section alone is impressive. This is probably one of my top picks for recommendations (but know that it's also a little pricier). They have all ...

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  • 76
    1.66 mi

    Insalata Ricca

    1.66 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    5 reviews

    This is a casual fresh food chain....Think Panera or Corner Bakery, Italian style. There are locations throughout Rome. We like this one because it is in the Piazza Navona and Campo De Fiori area, but is not touristy. Indoor and outdoor seating and free wi-fi are available. The menu is large and includes a variety of pastas, pizza, salads, bruschetta ...

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  • 77
    1.56 mi

    Cristalli di Zucchero

    1.56 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    Adjacent to a farmers’ market just off the Circus Maximus is a pretty-in-pink pasticceria where Parisian-style tartlets are made with regional ingredients like apricots and pistachios. Order the flaky ricotta-and-chocolate-filled Romanella at the counter with an espresso—then get another one to go.

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  • 78
    2.97 mi


    2.97 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354
    4 reviews

    Behind the Vatican walls, near the Cipro metro station. A favorite of the local TV food shows, a lot pricier than your normal pizzeria but it didn't disappoint one bit. Pizzarium is known for its fresh ingredients and the daring combinations but for me the devil is in the dough and the crust, absolutely incomparable. You must try at least ...

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  • 79
    1.68 mi

    Grom - Piazza Navona

    1.68 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    The ice cream as it once was. For lovers of the real Italian gelato!

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  • 80
    2.41 mi

    Flavio al Velavevodetto

    2.41 mi from Termini Apartment Key n.354

    Velavevodetoo!! ("I told you so!!") A beautiful restaurant located in the heard of Testaccio, Flavio al Velavevodetto has both outdoor and "underground" seating. Inside, diners can see out into the mound in which the restaurant sits within, a clear view of the ancient earthen vases that create the mound. The food and wine here are great. You can order from ...

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