• 1
    0.81 mi

    Point Vicente Lighthouse

    0.81 mi from Terranea Resort
    4 reviews

    Amazing views in a well-used and very nice park. The lighthouse is only open something like once a month, but the park is popular for picnics and has a nice trail that goes through it.

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    0.88 mi

    Point Vicente Interpretive Center

    0.88 mi from Terranea Resort
    3 reviews

    This is a little museum near the Point Vicente lighthouse dedicated to whaling. There's some old whaling tools on display, as well as lots of memorabilia from the Marineland amusement park, which used to be located very close to where the museum is now. Right outside the museum, you’ll see lots of people with chairs and binoculars whale watching. They ...

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    0.85 mi

    Golden Cove Shopping Center

    0.85 mi from Terranea Resort
    1 review

    Trader Joe's grocery store, Starbucks', Subway sandwiches, Admiral Risty old-style fine American food.

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    0.37 mi

    Portuguese Bend

    0.37 mi from Terranea Resort
    1 review

    One the Most Scenic HIKE Ive ever been on from start to finish you get the best view of PV. You get the beauty of the ocean clashing against the sand shore and tons of greens that you can easily forget that you are in LA, pretending you are at some remote island. The Hike has tons of different paths ...

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    1.23 mi

    Wayfarer's Chapel

    1.23 mi from Terranea Resort
    9 reviews

    Went here for a wedding of a friend of a friend. I don't know how much it costs to rent, but I'm sure it's a lot considering you are in Rancho Palos Verdes. Very small but beautiful chapel to have your service at, whether wedding or funeral. I could see both being done here. It's by the ocean, and the ...

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    2.09 mi

    Del Cerro Park

    2.09 mi from Terranea Resort
    3 reviews

    Great place to walk the dog or play with the kids. Beautiful views. Playground is hidden, a bit down the hill.

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  • 7
    1.11 mi

    Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

    1.11 mi from Terranea Resort
    3 reviews

    Go look for some starfish, some jelly fish and other sea/rock creatures along this shore, where you can also climb into a few caves and pockets or rock. You're also not too far away from the Gold Trump Golf Course and the Terranea Resort which has an open running/biking trail adjacent.

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  • 8
    2.75 mi

    Funder's Park

    2.75 mi from Terranea Resort
    1 review

    Very Pretty Trail :)

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  • 9
    4.29 mi

    South Coast Botanic Garden

    4.29 mi from Terranea Resort
    1 review

    There is no comparison with the Descanso Gardens, the Huntington's botanical gardens or the L.A. County Arboretum. However, it does pretty well for a local botanical garden. Its 87 acres, created over a former sanitary landfill, has everything from a children's garden, to desert, rose and Japanese gardens as well as a garden for the senses.

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  • 10
    2.69 mi

    Coreology Fitness

    2.69 mi from Terranea Resort
    1 review

    Sarah straight up kicked my butt.. And boy did it feel good. I went to a SPX Pilates class with my girlfriend and I was shaking within seconds. The SPX class uses this machine called a Megaformer. It helps you do strengthening exercises in ways you would not imagine.The class lasts 45 minutes and each class has 10 students max. ...

  • 11
    19.34 mi

    Huntington State Beach

    19.34 mi from Terranea Resort
    35 reviews

    You must go to the park. Take your camera. This park offers a stretch of beach in it's natural state. No commercialism. The dunes are huge. The vegetation is glorious. The photo ops are incredible. A must when you are in Surfside Beach!

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  • 12
    8.56 mi

    Hermosa City Beach

    8.56 mi from Terranea Resort
    4 reviews

    I love watching the sunset at Hermosa Beach. It's a beautiful place to walk along the strand, check out a beach volleyball game, or have a drink on the patio in one of the many boardwalk restaurants. Now if only I knew how to surf!

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    5.35 mi

    Peck Park Canyon

    5.35 mi from Terranea Resort
    2 reviews

    After the fairly heavy recent rains, Peck Canyon today was magical. Everything was fresh and clean. Aside from a minimal amount of trash and graffiti, the canyon is a gem--right in the middle of the city! I can't wait to go back.

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  • 14
    18.79 mi

    Sunset Kayak Rentals

    18.79 mi from Terranea Resort
    2 reviews

    Came out on Sat. morning at 10am. Still plenty of paddleboards / kayaks to rent. Business is super busy, but super fast and trusting service. * You pay after your time out. * They have a "unlocked" box for your car keys.. (I didn't use it...) * For $15 / 2 hrs!! Who can beat that! * Better paddleboards than ...

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  • 15
    11.26 mi


    11.26 mi from Terranea Resort
    3 reviews

    I love REI If you need anything from Shoes, to Skiing Equipment, Hiking, Camping Gear, anything to do with the outdoors, they have it. I've been to this location a few times already, but have not been here in a long while. When I entered the store, a greeter, Chester asked me if he could help me with anything. When ...

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  • 16
    12.08 mi

    Wheel Fun Rental

    12.08 mi from Terranea Resort
    2 reviews

    Yay !!! We were planning on going hydro biking but the wind wouldn't allow us, so we drove all around Long beach in search of some bikes..but the search alone was quite difficult, we must of stopped by 2 different location before finally using our handy dandy YELP ! Wheel fun was truly REAL FUN! Ive been wanting to ride ...

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  • 17
    11.56 mi

    Catalina Express

    11.56 mi from Terranea Resort
    8 reviews

    Catalina Express is one of the two-ferry service that gets you to Catalina Island from SoCal. It takes about around little over one hour which irony similar travel to the Turbo Jet ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, but the main different is the that ferry is twice faster than Catalina Express. Cost is actually very similar too, it cost ...

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  • 18
    11.67 mi

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    11.67 mi from Terranea Resort
    58 reviews

    So what does my daughter live for? That is easy, coming to a place like this and petting the sharks, rays, jellyfish, and whatever else she can get her lil paws on. Or perhaps just snap a picture of... PRO TIP #1: Buy your tickets online and skip the line! I think its cheaper too! This place has it all ...

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  • 19
    6.3 mi

    Korean Bell of Friendship

    6.3 mi from Terranea Resort
    8 reviews

    The Korean Friendship Bell. Whoohoo. I had always wanted to go ever since I watched The Usual Suspects. If you have not seen the movie, please do. And then send me a thank you card along with some candy. You're welcome, forever. I love this movie so much I have two copies. One to lend to people who haven't watched ...

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  • 20
    11.81 mi

    Long beach California

    11.81 mi from Terranea Resort
    2 reviews
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