Thai California Kitchen

676 South State College Boulevard, Anaheim, CA
1 review

So you drive up to this place and from the outside its looking like anything but a Thai joint… Modern building, no crazy tall Thai potted plants out front, and clear blocks on the wall. So don’t freak out… the inside is mostly Thai style. Except for a giant humungous chalkboard that was covered in valentines day specials from the ...

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  • 1
    0.92 mi

    Anaheim Barbers II

    0.92 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    1 review

    Dont look like a long haired hippie get your butt in here! This has been my barber shop for about 8 years now. The guys who run this join are always a pleasure to talk to. a lot of fun times can be had in this old school barber shop... They have a large 50" + big screen TV with ...

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  • 2
    0.49 mi

    99 Cent Only Stores

    0.49 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    1 review

    Almost a buck, the buck doesn’t stop here, 99 pennies just didn’t have the right ring to it I guess. So 99 cent store it is. The theme is pretty obvious; everything is basically $.99 or less! This presents some pretty darn good deals. They have a little bit of everything under the sun. This trip afforded me some metallic ...

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  • 3
    0.47 mi

    Anaheim Town Square

    0.47 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    1 review

    I have some very mixed feelings about this strip mall. Some of the places in it are great, some are beyond ghetto. When they did a face lift on it about 6 or 7 years ago it made a drastic difference… but putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the fact that its still a pig you know… I have ...

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  • 4
    0.65 mi

    Sunkist Hand Car Wash

    0.65 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    1 review

    Not what you would call the best most customer oriented and friendly of places, but a decent job done at a decent price. Like most car washes this place is "under construction" or in dire need of it... But being freeway adjacent and on a corner it is very easily accessible. Where you go to drive into this car wash ...

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  • 5
    0.64 mi

    Sunkist Carwash

    0.64 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    1 review

    the initial side of this car wash is not very customer savvy nor overly friendly. the backside guys do agreat job drying and cleaning the windows and doors... overall its avg, but a less lacsidasical approach would be absolutely awesome.

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  • 6
    1.47 mi

    Anaheim Packing District

    1.47 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    5 reviews

    This place is not your normal farmers market where they sell fruits and vegetables. It is a very beautiful place to eat and packed full of different restaurants that is located inside a warehouse lots of organic foods and made with less processed stuff and less corporate surroundings. It is a pretty structure and great place to take pictures. We ...

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  • 7
    2.29 mi


    2.29 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    451 reviews

    Indeed, the happiest place on earth. I love Disneyland!!! I never get tired of going here over and over again. One of the cleanest theme park I have ever been to. Great for kids and adults. I love how huge and spacious this place is. I also love the food which is pricey but well worth it. Thinking about those ...

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  • 8
    2.1 mi

    The Bruery

    2.1 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    7 reviews

    Great beers, knowledgable staff, awesome food trucks, and awesome free tour if you can get on the list!

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  • 9
    1.73 mi

    Rothick Art Haus

    1.73 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    2 reviews

    Came here for the sailormoon tribute art show that's going on until August 30th, 2014. The room is small but they had enough space to add a lot of art in the gallery. Parking: We got lucky and found free street parking near by. Staff: Very sweet and helpful. I was holding onto an artwork I purchased and they offered ...

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  • 10
    2.43 mi

    Disney's California Adventure

    2.43 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    165 reviews

    Disney's California Adventure is more compact than Disneyland but still have fun amazing rides for adults and children. I particularly like the Paradise Pier because fun ride and a good shot to take a nice picture. I hope you give this place a try. It is such a fun place to be. There is plenty of things to do, to ...

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  • 11
    3.26 mi

    Commonwealth Lounge & Grill

    3.26 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    2 reviews

    Came here first for Happy Hour Week (pre-10pm) and then the next night for regular Happy Hour to try more of the menu. The goods: $5-6 each Prime Dip Sliders- 3 sliders stuffed with tender meat in a slightly sweet sauce. Comes with au jus and horse radish. Great taste but gotta eat these fast since they'll get soggy easily. ...

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  • 12
    3.28 mi

    Crystal Cathedral

    3.28 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    12 reviews

    The architecture is off the hook. An entire wall opens up to the outside

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  • 13
    4.09 mi

    Main Place Mall

    4.09 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    6 reviews

    There are times I don't want to deal with South Coast Plaza and just want to go to a regular mall. This is my go-to mall. It still has some nice stores but it also has plenty of regular non brand name stores. I mainly go to their Macy's and Nordstoms. I also like grabbing a quick bite at their ...

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  • 14
    2.58 mi

    Angel Stadium of Anaheim

    2.58 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    93 reviews

    The Big A Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. For me (I live in the OC) they're still the Anaheim Angels, sorry. Full disclosure, I'm not a baseball fan. I grew up a Dodger fan, but I find baseball too slow. But occasionally, I'd watch, but I rather watch it live, not on TV. On this occasion, I ...

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  • 15
    2.58 mi

    Downtown Disney

    2.58 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    109 reviews

    this place is awesome! I love wandering through all of the stores here. There are tons of free music shows along the strip - guitarists and singers and more Don't forget to stop by the Jazz Kitchen Express for some of their beignets. Also, just about all of the restaurants here serve yummy food, although it is all a bit ...

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  • 16
    2.37 mi

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    2.37 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    21 reviews

    So what I always have looked forward to doing while at Disneyland every trip I have ever made... going into this underground cool wonderfully fun dark dank place... I love this ride. It has always been my favorite since you had to buy books of tickets... I cant recall if it was a C or a D but it wasnt ...

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  • 17
    2.53 mi

    Cars Land

    2.53 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    15 reviews

    Disney did a fantastic job of bringing Radiator Springs to life in Cars Land. From the awesome rock formations to the stores and even the animatronic Mater and Lightining McQueens that you can take pictures with.

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  • 18
    2.43 mi

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

    2.43 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    12 reviews

    Did you know that the Tower of Terror at the Hollywood Tower Hotel is the tallest attraction at DCA and one of the tallest buildings in Anaheim at 199 ft? The Tower of Terror is one of those amazing rides that takes you on a virtual free fall, then brings you up just to drop you again. It's so fun! ...

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  • 19
    2.32 mi

    Jungle Cruise

    2.32 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    15 reviews

    This is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. Not only is the jungle-themed boat ride a refreshing break from the crowds on a hot Orange County day, but the jokes and puns are hilariously cheesy. If you love bad jokes and puns and you get the right "guide," you're in for a real treat.

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  • 20
    2.34 mi

    Indiana Jones Adventure

    2.34 mi from Thai California Kitchen
    10 reviews

    Action-packed adventure for the kids! I still find it fun and I'm not a kid...or am I? Also another ride where you get to sit down and cool off for a bit during your long day with kids/the significant other/friends.

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