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    742 reviews

    Bangkok Thailand is a world unto itself... I was truly amazed by how integrated the city was across all levels ethnicity, class, religion, sexuality is all intermingled. I stayed at the Oriental Hotel, as I was traveling on my own and wanted security. It was a beautiful hotel, but the city drew me in... I visited temples, went to markets, ...

  • 2

    Ko Phangan

    28 reviews

    The beach at Haad Tien, a small cove dominated by the Sanctuary Wellness Resort, a friendly and informal place, recommended if you want to join one of their detox programs. Not very recommended for the casual traveller, a bit pricey with a below average beach.

  • 3

    Chiang Mai

    134 reviews

    I'm not a big fan of Chiang Mai. It is a great jumping off point for a trip further north but the city is overbuilt and lacks the charm of many other cities in Thailand. The highlights here are: great food, Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, a few nice properties, and the riverside views. The negatives here are the pollution and ...

  • 4

    Ko Phi Phi Don

    80 reviews

    Its famous beauty means it is packed with tourists, but there is enough beach for everyone. Make sure you make it to Koh Phi Phi Lei too.

  • 5

    Koh Tao

    30 reviews

    amed for its diving – shallow waters, easy currents, epic corals and whale sharks pull in the crowds – with numerous scuba-diving schools based here. But much of this small island still has a tranquil get-away-from-it-all vibe

  • 6

    Ao Nang

    14 reviews

    If you're looking for all that southern Thailand beach towns have to offer, want to avoid the masses looking for the same thing, but yet don't completely want to miss out on the nightlife thing, Ao Nang is for you. Completely across the Gulf from Phuket and just onshore of Ko Phi Phi, Ao Nang delivers all of "The Beach" ...

  • 7

    Bangkok and Surrounds

    20 reviews

    I love Bangkok as a metropolitan city. There's plenty to do and see. Visit one or more of the mega-malls and don't forget about the floating markets.

  • 8

    Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand

    14 reviews

    I have always love Chiang Mai. I recommend going while there is a festival on, like April for Songkran or November for Loi Krathong. Chiang Mai offers a variety of trekking tours to the hills tribe or even cruise a few days on the river. I especially enjoyed the visit to the Tiger Kingdom and the elephant camp. In Chiang ...

  • 9

    Ko Samui

    74 reviews

    Lovely island but can be a bit of a mixed bag. This place is inherently beautiful but can also feel a bit overrun and overbuilt. Much of the market here is low end partying backpackers; however, there are a number of nice upmarket options that are incredibly nice. The beaches here aren't the best in Thailand but there are some ...

  • 10

    Phuket Island

    33 reviews

    On its own, the island is beautiful - its beaches and numerous islands nearby; unfortunately, this is not my favourite destination because it can get too crowded and too touristy. You need to plan your holiday well if you intend to come to Phuket and find the right type of activities and accommodation depending on your holiday theme. There are ...

  • 11

    Ko Samui Island

    17 reviews

    Ko Samui is an awesome place ... two things are really special about Thailand. The people are always smiling... it is unclear whether they are all happy or they took something good , but they're smiling and that's nice. the second thing is that there are more massage places (and it's cheap) than supermarkets and gas stations combined !

  • 12


    98 reviews

    Fun to make a tour.... Et contrairement à ce d'aucun pourrait penser, ce n'est jamais "glauque"...

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    Thailand's Southern Beaches

    11 reviews

    It might be really only a matter of luck. We´ve been travelling the whole August and September through Thailand from South to North and haven´t been worriing about the rain at all. Only once we had 3 days of rain, but when we´ve just switched from West to East and enjoyed the beautiful sun again. Even better is that you ...

  • 14

    Phuket Town

    172 reviews

    I did not have many expectations about this city, maybe this is why i enjoyed so much. Few tourists, a calm small city, with great sino-portuguese architecture everywhere. Some nice bars and caffes.

  • 15


    27 reviews

    Okay place but too many tourists, watch out for scammers.

  • 16

    Hua Hin

    39 reviews

    This beach town used to be a private getaway for Thai royalty. Nowadays, the beaches are flooded on weekends by Bangkok's young and trendy. Nice beaches, quaint town, good restaurants—a perfect way to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

  • 17

    Ko Phangan Island

    5 reviews

    I stayed in Hat Yuan for a few weeks in December, 2004, just around the tsunami event. Before that, I was really enjoying myself on the beach with plenty of Mai Thai's.

  • 18


    58 reviews

    Krabi has some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Thailand, with limestone cliffs jutting out of turquoise water. You can come hear for rock climbing, kayaking, or general chilling out. It is not off the beaten track - plenty of tourists come here. But the scenery is amazing!

  • 19

    Ayutthaya and the Central Plains

    8 reviews

    Why Ayuthaya, Thailand's Angkor Watt, isn't really on the 'must do' list of every single traveler who passes through Bangkok (just an hour and a half away) is beyond me. The ruins, stupas and giant statues of Buddha are quite simply amazing. It's no wonder UNESCO declared it a world heritage sight. As this once ancient capital of Thailand is ...

  • 20

    Isaan and Northeastern Thailand

    1 review

    This very underdeveloped area of Thailand is a far cry from the bustling streets of Bangkok. In Isaan, expect to find modern luxury far and few between. Still, there is a big draw here bringing many adventurous eco-tourists to the jungles of Thailand every year. Not to mention the beauty of the jungle itself, the main appeal of Isaan might ...

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