The Africa House Hotel

Shangani Street, Stone Town, Tanzania
3 reviews

Drinks, at the very least, are a must on the balcony. As others have recommended, I'd suggest getting there for sunset.

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  • 1
    0.08 mi

    Dhow Palace Hotel

    0.08 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review
  • 2
    0.17 mi

    Old Portuguese Arch

    0.17 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    Not much more than a landmark now-a-days. It is worth a quick walk-by if you are in the area though.

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  • 3
    0.34 mi

    Zanzibar Spice Tour

    0.34 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    11 reviews

    This is such an interesting tour - I highly recommend it. I had no idea what pepper looks like before it's sitting in my spice cabinet or how vanilla grows until I went to the spice plantations. In addition to learning a great deal about things we use every day, you get to taste spices in their raw form, sip ...

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  • 4
    0.42 mi

    Anglican Cathedral

    0.42 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    4 reviews

    A very special place, you will never think to find in Zanzibar.

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  • 5
    0.32 mi

    House Of Wonders

    0.32 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    5 reviews

    It dominates the Stone Town waterfront, along with the fort. The inside is less impressive. It has an interesting history, though and a guide will probably take you here on a city tour and tell you all about it.

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  • 6
    0.5 mi

    Darajani Market

    0.5 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    3 reviews

    One visit to the old market will show you the real african spirit.

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  • 7
    0.4 mi

    Tanzania Yachts

    0.4 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    Do you like sailing? Try our partners' boats for a fantastic safari to some of the unspoiled islands of the archipelago.

  • 8
    4.92 mi

    Persian Baths

    4.92 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    They're no Baalbek or Machu Picchu, but what remains of these former baths of the Sultan and his wives are an interesting remnant of Zanzibar's royal history. Probably not worth the dalla dalla ride out to see them by themselves but worthy of a stop if you're out in the area for a spice tour.

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  • 9
    12.79 mi

    Zanzibar Island

    12.79 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    4 reviews

    Love infinitely feel happy to bee here twice, and hope to comeback, nature, weather, water, people, history is all so beautiful and inspiring almost unbelievably beautiful..

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  • 10
    16.49 mi

    Jozani Forest Reserve

    16.49 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    3 reviews

    Interested by the Red Colobus monkey? This is their home. Children normally get crazy here, as it a very popular spot to go with families.

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  • 11
    11.86 mi

    Mangapwani Slave Caves

    11.86 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    A must-see in Zanzibar, to get through its history of centuries.

  • 12
    10.64 mi

    Big Body with Tatata Spice Farm Kizimbani

    10.64 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    There are a plethora of spice farms around Kizimbani, but this is one of the most popular and for good reason. If you come on your own, it is only five dollars per person, and the guides are quite good. You learn the difference between red, green, white and black pepper, you see bread fruit, teak, mango, and rambutan trees, ...

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  • 13
    27.0 mi

    Holy Ghost Catholic Mission and Museum

    27.0 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    The Oldest Catholic Mission building in East Africa is now home to the Roman Catholic Mission Museum which includes the history of the French Missionaries who spent the bulk of their money buying slaves their freedom. The church also happens to be where David Livingstone's body laid in state in 1874. Every year the institute for Art and Culture Bagamoyo ...

  • 14
    26.4 mi

    Kaole Ruins

    26.4 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    Kaole was early known as Pumbuji, was the first settlement of the Arabs from Persian in 13th c (1270). The place was excavated 1958 by Mr. Neville Chittick, a Man from England with Mr. Sahani m. Kejeri now is a professor. This is the major attraction that Bagamoyo town has to offer; Mwembe Kinyongo, German Grave Yard, Chuo Cha Sanaa ...

  • 15
    26.51 mi

    Pungume atoll

    26.51 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    An incredible bank of sand in the middle of the ocean. We go there from the time it has been discovered as a possible destination. Our guests are always advised to go and enjoy it.

  • 16
    26.78 mi

    Mfumbwi area

    26.78 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    Either if you like kite-surfing or if you just want to see breathtaking views, this is definitely a place to visit.

  • 17
    21.37 mi

    Rocky Restaurant

    21.37 mi from The Africa House Hotel
    1 review

    This is a unique place where to have some lobsters (call before you go).

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